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Dalarna and overnight stays

Dalarna has a really wide range of accommodation and overnight stays. From beautifully located campsites, holiday parks with red holiday homes in the middle of nature to luxurious and comfortable family hotels, B&Bs and hostels. If you want a nice experience, Dalarna is the place and an overnight stay is clearly on the list of what you want and can do here.

Here you will find accommodation and overnight stays such as:

  • B&B Dalarna
  • Green hotel Dalarna
  • Prison Falun
  • Different accommodation Dalarna
  • Accommodation Falun
  • Accommodation Orsa
  • Accommodation Rättvik
  • Stay on a farm

List of nice overnight stays in Dalarna

We have put together a list of many nice and exciting overnight stays when you are here in Dalarna. There are lots of nice places and places to discover when you are here and of course many nice accommodations you can spend one or more nights at. Hope you find what you are looking for in the list below:

Sleep next to Falu Copper Mine

You can spend the night with a historical touch in Falun. You sleep in Gruvortens B&B right next to the pit of the famous copper mine. Falu Copper Mine is a World Heritage Site and there are lots of great things to do here. Falun is a nice city in general and you can experience many nice things here. Hotels near falu Koppargruva.

Floating hotel room

A hotel room that can only be reached by boat. Relax on the water with a beautiful view and wake up first thing in the morning with a dip in Lake Orsa. Welcome to Kungshaga’s “Room of Nature” – a floating hotel room on Lake Orsa. This is a really cool experience!

Sleeping in a tree house – Living in a treehouse

Tree houses? It’s almost the wrong name for these futuristic objects hanging in the trees. You’ll find two in the forest directly behind the beautiful Näsets Marcusgård farm in Furudal (where you can also stay in the converted barn!). The tree houses are called Oddis Öga and Supermåne and are truly a unique experience. Talk about sleeping high up in the air! Sleeping in a treehouse in Dalarna

Hedgården farm

Sleeping at the Hedgården farm means staying overnight in country style. The old farm has been beautifully renovated and has 5 comfortable rooms. A really nice experience where you live out in the countryside.

In a tipi tent

For outdoor enthusiasts: this is camping with a difference. After an active day of railway cycling, you can spend the night in the tipi tent. And your stay will be complete with an accompanying meal of sausages from the barbecue. This is called Station Sågen. Dalarna has all kinds of overnight stays as you see here in the list!

Sleep in an old train station

This B&B in Orsa is located in Orsa’s old railway station. And so you sleep with a very special view: directly on the train tracks. Three newly decorated rooms are available. Orsa and its surroundings have an exciting history and a magically beautiful nature. If you want to experience wilderness, then Orsa Finnmark is a great place to be.

Green Hotel in Tällberg

A true classic among hotels. The original Green Hotel was built in 1917 and many of the rooms have a beautiful view of Lake Siljan. Tällberg is a real Dalai Lama village with all its red cottages and ancestors from bygone times.

Smidgården in Fryksås

You can relax in a rural atmosphere at Smidgården in Fryksås, where you have a beautiful view of Lake Orsa and the neighbouring mountains. Fryksås is known for all its fine shepherd’s huts and beautiful views.

Falu Prison

Spend the night in a prison. Yes, you read that right. This is possible in this special accommodation in Falun. The prison dates back to 1842 and was converted into a hostel in 2000. You will also find a restaurant and a museum. The prison has a history of housing both known and unknown thieves and bandits, but nowadays it is a nice place to sleep. Good accommodation near the centre of Falu.

Staying in Fulufjället National Park

After a day of hiking, fishing or climbing in Fulufjället National Park, nothing is better than a warm bed. Rösjöstugorna has 6 cabins in the park with a total of 36 beds. Fulufjället is known as a beautiful place to stay and here you can really experience nature at its best in Dalarna.


Prefer to just go out with a tent or caravan? No problem. You can camp perfectly in green Dalarna. There are several really good and well-maintained campsites in the county. Here you will find good and exciting campsites in Dalarna. We have also written about pitches and motorhomes in one of the articles. When travelling around the landscape, you can also stop at one of the many rest areas along the roads. Below are some popular campsites in Dalarna:

1) Siljansbadets Camping
2. Mora Life Åmåsängsgården
3. Orsa Camping
4. Steiner’s Camping & Lodge AB
5. Vansbro Camping
6. Leksand Strand Stugby & Camping
7. Rättviks Camping & Hostel
8. Ratt o Roder Stugby och Konferens
9. First Camp Mellsta-Borlänge
10. Johannisholm Adventure
11. Malungs Camping
12. Älvdalen Camping
13. Näsets Marcusgård
14. Bjursås Ski Centre
15. caravan club Tandådalen
16. guesthouse Nornäs
17. Västerdala Onwest
18. Räfsnäsgårdens And Ludvika Camping

Popular overnight stays in Dalarna

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Overnight stays and accommodation in Dalarna

As you can see, there are many wonderful and cool experiences when it comes to overnight stays in Dalarna. There are plenty of lovely, cheap, cool, comfortable, beautiful and good accommodation and overnight stays in Dalarna. It is said that Dalarna is a magically beautiful landscape and we can only agree with that. You can really experience mass

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