Ornäs: A Pearl in Dalarna

Ornäs, located in the municipality of Borlänge in Dalarna, is a picturesque village with a rich history. With its charm and historical importance to Sweden, Ornäs has become a popular destination for both domestic and international tourism.

Exploring Ornäs – A gem in Dalarna

One of the most notable sites in Ornäs is Ornässtugan, a historic building that is considered the oldest preserved secular wooden building in Sweden. Ornässtugan is best known for its role in Swedish history, when Gustav Vasa, the future king, was hidden there from the Danish troops during the 1520s. Today, Ornässtugan is a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors interested in Swedish history and architecture.

Ornas Dalarna

History and culture

But Ornäs has more to offer than just its historic cottage. The village is located on the shores of Runn, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenic surroundings and a wide range of outdoor activities. For example, you can enjoy a leisurely walk along the waterfront, or try your hand at fishing. In addition, Ornäs is home to several events, including annual midsummer celebrations, which attract visitors from near and far.

Wonderful Nature at Runn

In addition to the scenic landscape and historical sites, Ornäs is also home to a number of local businesses and services. There are small shops where you can buy handicrafts, clothes and other locally produced goods. There are also several restaurants and cafés where visitors can sample traditional Swedish food and drink.

For those interested in culture and art, Ornäs is a treasure trove of opportunities. There are a number of galleries and workshops where local artists and craftsmen showcase their work. There are also a host of local associations and clubs, including music, theater and sports groups, which bring life and movement to the village.

Cafe Ornasstugan

Summary of Ornäs Dalarna

In summary, Ornäs is a place where history, culture and nature merge in a unique way. With its charming atmosphere and rich history, Ornäs offers an unforgettable experience for all visitors. Whether you are a history enthusiast, nature lover, or just a traveler looking for a relaxing getaway, Ornäs has something to offer you.

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