Things To Do Around Siljan -13+ Activities

Siljan is one of the hubs of Dalarna and there are many things to do when you are here at Siljan. In this article I will list the 13 best things to do and experience around Lake Siljan. It’s a magical place to be and it’s hard to get more Swedish than this beautiful and wonderful lake! What happens around Siljan?

Activities Around Siljan

Should you get around the entire Siljan, as they do by bike at Siljan around, the distance is about 12 mil. In the article you will also find accommodation, restaurants, pubs, things to do for children and other things that you can experience around Siljan.

List of things to do around Siljan Dalarna

  • Fryksås fäbodar
  • Gesunda Mountain
  • Helvetesfallet and Storstupet
  • Experience Siljan by boat
  • The road between Rättvik and Leksand
  • Vasaloppet goal in Mora
  • Swimming in Siljan
  • Dala horses in Nusnäs
  • Långbryggan in Rättvik
  • Sunset at Söderås
  • Bingsjöstämman
  • Laknäs pier
  • The tourist route in Tällberg
  • Go-karting in Rättvik
  • Drive around Siljan by car

Visit the Fryksås farmhouses

Fryksås fäbodar is a real magnet when it comes to wonderful and popular activities around Siljan. It is magically beautiful here and you can really experience the old and genuine here. The photo opportunities are many around this sheep farm embankment. It is magically beautiful around Siljan and Fryksås fäbodar is no exception.

Go up to Gesundaberget

Go up to Gesundaberget and enjoy the view from the top. If you want more photo opportunities and to see the beautiful nature from above, so to speak, Gesundaberget is a perfect place to be.

Experience Siljan by boat

Siljan should definitely be experienced on a boat and you do that with, for example, M/S Gustaf Wasa or S/S Engelbrekt on a tour. Good food and a great experience are promised. Rent a canoe or kayak and enjoy the water life. Definitely worth trying! Boat trip on Siljan!

Cross the finish line in Mora

Visit Mora and walk under the very popular Vasaloppet finish line. Here, many men and women have crossed the ski track and the finish line completely exhausted after running the Vasaloppet. This is truly a special place! Year-round activity.

The road between Rättvik and Leksand

There are several really good roads to take when you go out and discover Dalarna around Siljan and the road from Rättvik and Leksand via Laknäs, Tällberg and Plintsberg is really something out of the ordinary. If you have a motorcycle, it is a magically wonderful road to take. Just drive carefully through the small villages.

Dala horses in Nusnäs

Nusnäs is a must when you want to see and experience the production of Dala horses. Here you can really get close to the production and you can buy all kinds of souvenirs here in Nusnäs. Dala horses are Nusnäs and Dalarna. It is an experience to see how the Dala horses are made and how they are painted by hand. Fun to see all the crafts and also buy a small or large Dala horse home or as a gift.

Långbryggan in Rättvik

Take a stroll on the world’s longest lake bridge. Långbryggan in Rättvik. It is a really nice little walk. Here you are really out on Siljan if you say so. Buy a good ice cream and enjoy the bridge. Långbryggan is really a cozy place. You can see many dear couples walking on this beautiful bridge.

The tourist route at Tällberg

The tourist route at Tällberg is worth a stop and many of us have photographed the kurbits painted telephone kiosk in Tällberg. There are benches here where you can enjoy coffee or an ice cream and the magically beautiful view of Siljan. Definitely worth a stop! Tällberg in particular is magically beautiful. It is beautiful along the entire tourist route, but for my own part, Tällberg is something out of the ordinary.

Swim in Siljan

Swim in Siljan and soak up the wonderful things that are offered here around Siljan. A morning or evening dip is just as nice. Take some coffee with you and enjoy some beautiful beaches. There are a whole bunch of good swimming spots around Siljan and in the lakes in the area. The bath at Rättviksbryggan is popular and covered with fine light sand. Very shallow though. Laknäs, Tällberg, Vikarbyn and many other smaller towns have very nice bathing places in a picturesque environment where you can enjoy cozy bathing in Siljan.

The sunset at Söderås

Söderås is a great place to be if you want to experience a magical sunset. Many have stopped here by the roadside and photographed the sun setting over Siljan and the beautiful forest on the horizon. I have stopped here many times and looked out over the vastness of this beautiful place.

Experiencing Helvetesfallet and Storstupet

Make your way to Helvetesfallet and Storstupet in Orsa and take in the thunder and power that happens here at the falls. This is a popular trip to make at Siljan. It is powerful to be here and the nature around Siljan is magically beautiful. No wonder Dalarna and especially the area around Siljan is so popular and well visited.


Experience the Bingsjöstämman. This event is currently canceled due to the pandemic, but it will be back as soon as the Corona has subsided. This is really Dalarna for real! Fiddlers in every bush and beautiful traditional music. The international element and the Swedish are reflected here.

Laknäs pier

Laknäs Brygga is a beautiful place to stop and enjoy the beautiful view of Lake Siljan. Siljan is the heart of Dalarna and this is especially noticeable here. Here time stands still and you can swim and enjoy the beautiful views here at the jetty. It is a Sweden in miniature here for real!

Map around Siljan

Here you see a map showing villages, places, sites and smaller towns around Siljan. It is really a paradise here in Dalarna and around Siljan it is almost so nice that it hurts the stomach sometimes. You have to pinch yourself in the arm. It is so beautiful! Siljan around map:

Attractions around Siljan

There are a number of attractions around Siljan. Around the lake are towns such as: Leksand, Rättvik, Tällberg, Mora and other nice places, villages and smaller pearls. Here you will find attractions Siljan:

Fryksås Fäbodar
Vasaloppet portal in Mora
Swimming in Siljan
Laknäs jetty
Tällberg – the whole village
Långbryggan in Räöttvik
Leksand – the whole town is beautiful
The sunset at Söderås
Travel the tourist route by car or motorcycle
Kurbits painted telephone booth
Limsjön in leksand
Rent a canoe, kayak or SUP board and go out on Siljan.
Tomteland in Mora
Orsa predator park
Zorn Museum
Tobogganing in Rättvik
Gokart at Rättvik
Several beautiful cattle farm embankments around Siljan
Karl Tövåsen’s farmhouse
Accommodation around Siljan
Rent a cottage in the Siljan area
Villa Långbers
Tällbergsgårdens Hotel
Quality Hotel Dalecarlia
Hotel Klockargården
First Hotel Tällberg
Korstäppans Herrgård
Insjöns Hotel
Green Hotel
Hotel Leksand
Hotel Siljanstrand Tällberg
Siljansnäs Hotel
Villa Klockarbo
Kullsbjörkens Bed & Breakfast
Parkgården STF
Siljansborgs Stugby in Rättvik
The mountain
Brudtallen in Fryksås Fäbodar, Sweden
Solvi SMU farm
Leksand Strand
Siljansnäs Camping
Tällbergs Camping
Mora Hotel & Spa
Hotel Siljan
Kungshaga Hotel
Fridhemsgatan Hotel
Fryksås Hotel & Gestgifveri
Mora Parken Hotel
Mora Camping
Hotel Kung Gösta
Orsa Station Bed & Breakfast
Östra Grunuberg
Bäcka Herrgård
Orsa Hostel STF
Hansjö Stugby in Orsa
Orsa Camping
Lindängets Gård
Målkullan STF
Gesundaberget Skilodge
Siknäs Fyrklöver
The hostel in Fredshammar
Mora Hostel and Guesthouse
Kristinebergs Bed & Breakfast Mora
Hotel Rättvik
Gopshus Lägergård
Camp Noppikoski
Mora Life Åmåsängsgården
Gesunda Farm
Sollerö Camping
Johannisholms Stugby
Venjans Camping
Vålbäckens Stugby
Våmåbadets Camping
Red Wings Mora MCK
Sätergårdens Pensionat
Best Western Hotel Lerdalshöjden
Backlund’s accommodation in Vikarbyn
Leksand Lustgård
Augustas Bed & Breakfast
BromanGard Studio Café and Bed & Breakfast
Uddgårdens Lodge
Rättviks Golf Village
Rättviks Camping
Fyrklöverns Stugby
Camping at Rättviksbacken
Siljansbadets Camping
Ore Camping
Fågelsjö Gammelgård
Hamra Conference & Wilderness Center
Steiner’s Camping & Lodge
Västanviksbadets Camping Leksand
Bjursås Ski Center & Camping
Restaurants and pubs
Restaurant Bosporen
GC Restaurant Bar & Café
Restaurant The Corner 16
Siljans Konditori
Sjövillan Restaurant & Bar
Diner 45
Big Street BBQ & Bar
Restaurant Anna
Rättvik Bowling & Krog
Rättvik Golf Restaurant
Brasserie Udden
Restaurant Lissäng
McGregors Sportbar
Strand Kök & Bar
Toppstugan Grönklitt
Furudal Bakery
Styggforsens Kaffestuga
Owl & Bear
Food at Siljan
M/S Gustaf Wasa
Famous Moose
Shops and services
Taxi Dalarna
Leksands Knäckebröd
Mora Hemslöjd
Nils Olsson Dalahästar
Björgårdens Syltmakeri
Dala chocolate
Gårds-Glass Leksand
Hansjö Dairy
Katarina’s Bread and Cake
Mora Chocolate
Rälta Tunnbröd
Rättviks Ice Cream
Rättviks Tunnbrödsbageri and Handelsbod
Saluhallen in Orsa
Siljans Lax
Söderås Trädgård
Käck & Hedbys Brukssmide
Morells Metallgjuteri
Bengt Hassis Ski School
The Leksand Chair
Brittas Kurbitslada
Lycka Form
Busgården Skinn & Utbildning
Nittsjö Ceramics
Mora knife
Jobs Handprint
Dala bike
Fryksås Craft Shop
Koppjärk Health Center
Leksand Folk High School
Västanvik Folk High School

Siljan attractions and things to do around Siljan

As you can see, there are many great things to do and experience around Siljan. Dalarna is magical and it is undoubtedly here at Siljan. Around the lake there is Dalarna for real as many say. It is tourist experiences and the genuine mixed in a wonderful compote. Take a road trip around Siljan and experience the real Dalarna. Many also go to Styggforsen outside Rättvik and enjoy the magical nature there.

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