Things To Do in Dalarna

Here I collect all the favourite places that you might want to experience when you are in Dalarna. There are many places I have visited myself, which I personally feel are real gems here in Dalom.

Other places and locations are other people’s favourites, which I have become aware of through acquaintances, interviews, the web, radio, TV and social media.

Our favourite places in Dalarna

This is so that it will be as broad and well-filled a list as possible for you to botanize and choose from. There is a lot to do when you are in this magically beautiful landscape.

A list of some favourite places to visit in Dalarna:


An idyllic village by Lake Siljan with beautiful gardens, small shops and stunning views of the lake.


One of Sweden’s highest waterfalls located in Fulufjället National Park. A fantastic place for hiking and experiencing nature.


One of the most popular mountains in the Sälen area with fantastic views of the mountain landscape and several great hiking trails.

Zorn Museum in Mora

A museum about the famous artist Anders Zorn and his works. There is also a beautiful garden and a view of the lake. Read more about Mora

Orsa Predator Park

One of Europe’s largest zoos focusing on predators such as bears, wolves and lynx. There is also a beautiful nature park with lakes and forests.

Carl Larsson farm in Sundborn

A beautiful farm that was the home of artist Carl Larsson and his family. Here you can see their beautiful works of art and enjoy the idyllic garden. Read more about Sundborn

Fulufjället National Park

One of the largest national parks in Sweden with beautiful waterfalls and a dramatic mountain peak. Here you can hike, fish and enjoy nature.

Gammelgården in Älvdalen

A historic building from the 17th century that now serves as a museum. Here you can learn more about the history and traditions of Dalarna.

Ornässtugan in Mora

A beautiful old cottage from the 18th century that now serves as a museum. Here you can see how people lived in the countryside in Dalarna long ago.

Lake Siljan

A large lake surrounded by beautiful nature and picturesque little villages. Here you can fish, kayak or just enjoy the view.


An annual event where thousands of people swim across the Västerdalälven river in Vansbro. A unique event that is well worth experiencing.

Zorn Museum in Mora

A museum dedicated to the artist Anders Zorn. Here you can see many of his most famous works and learn more about his life and career.

Kupolen in Borlänge

A cultural centre offering theatre, concerts, exhibitions and much more. There is always something to do and experience here.

Leksand church

A beautiful old church that is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dalarna. Here you can see the famous Leksand costume and learn more about the history of the church. Read more about Leksand

Evertsberg Forest

A forest near Evertsberg with a beautiful nature and a rich bird life. There are several hiking trails to choose from.

Lisskogsberget mountain

One of Dalarna’s highest mountains with a fantastic view of Siljan and the surrounding area. Well worth a visit for those who like hiking and outdoor life.


One of Dalarna’s most popular slalom slopes located in Rättvik. Here you can ski and snowboard during the winter months.

Falu Mine

One of Sweden’s most visited tourist attractions and a world heritage site. Visitors can go down into the mine and experience the history and technology behind the famous Falu Red colour. Read more about Falun


An idyllic village on the eastern side of Lake Siljan, known for its beautiful wooden houses, stunning views of the lake and active cultural life. Read more about Tällberg


A beautiful ski area in Dalafjällen, with over 20 slopes and magnificent views of the mountains and valleys.
Summary Smultronställen Dalarna

There are many places in Dalarna that are worth visiting. Here you can experience nature, culture and history up close. You can visit the beautiful village of Tällberg, the cultural-historical area at Carl Larsson’s farm in Sundborn and take a boat trip on Lake Siljan.

Other favourite spots include the mysterious Rämshyttan, the historic mine in Falun and the scenic area of Fulufjället National Park. For those seeking adventure, there are opportunities for canoeing, fishing and hiking in the area. There is simply something for everyone in Dalarna, whether you are looking for relaxation or activity.

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