What is Classic Car Week Rättvik?

Classic Car Week is an annual car and motorcycle festival that takes place in Rättvik, Dalarna, Sweden. The event, which is usually organized during late July and early August, attracts enthusiasts from all over the country and also from other parts of the world.

Classic Car Week Rättvik

The festival has become one of the most popular car events in Sweden and is well known internationally. Classic Car Week includes a variety of activities and exhibitions for both children and adults. There is everything from car exhibitions, car auctions, cruises, concerts to various competitions.

During the week, the streets of Rättvik are filled with classic cars from different decades and visitors can see everything from vintage cars, sports cars, American cars, to racing cars and motorcycles.

Classic Car Week

Popular Cruising

One of the most popular features is the ‘Long Night Cruising’ which traditionally takes place on Friday, but has now moved to Wednesday. During this event, thousands of vehicles parade through the city, while thousands of spectators look on. The atmosphere is high and filled with nostalgia.

Another major attraction is the car auctions, where rare and unique vehicles can go under the hammer. Here enthusiasts have the opportunity to buy their dream cars or perhaps sell their own gem.

FAQ about Classic Car Week

Question: What is Classic Car Week?

Answer: Classic Car Week is an annual car and motorcycle festival that takes place in Rättvik, Dalarna. The event brings together enthusiasts from all over the world and includes activities such as car shows, car auctions, cruises and concerts.

Question: When does Classic Car Week take place?

A: Classic Car Week usually takes place in late July and early August every year. Always in week 31.

Q: What activities can be expected during Classic Car Week?

A: During the Classic Car Week you can expect everything from car shows, car auctions, cruises to various competitions. There is also musical entertainment with concerts from different genres.

Question: What is the ‘Long Night Cruise’?

A: The ‘Long Night Cruise’ is one of the most popular features of Classic Car Week. It takes place on Friday and thousands of vehicles parade through the city while spectators watch.

Question: Is Classic Car Week just for car enthusiasts?

Answer: Although the main theme of Classic Car Week is cars and engines, the event has something for everyone. Musical entertainment, food outlets, and the general festive mood make it an enjoyable event even for those who are not car enthusiasts.

Q: Where can I buy tickets for Classic Car Week?

A: Information on tickets for Classic Car Week is usually available on the official website of the event.

Q: Is it possible to sell or buy cars during Classic Car Week?

Answer: Yes, there are car auctions during Classic Car Week where you have the opportunity to both buy and sell vehicles.

Summary of the Classic Car Week

Besides car-related activities, Classic Car Week also offers musical entertainment, with several concerts taking place during the week. Artists from different genres perform, providing a varied musical experience.

Overall, Classic Car Week is more than just a car show – it is a celebration of car culture and a place where like-minded enthusiasts can meet and share their passion for classic vehicles.

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