What to do when it rains in Dalarna

Activities in bad weather Dalarna

What can you do when you are on vacation and it is raining? Don’t despair. There are plenty of things to do and experience even if the weather is a little worse one day in Dalarna. Below is a list of 15 things to do when it’s raining and you can’t or don’t want to hang out outdoors. These are activities you can enjoy indoors:

Things to do in the rain

  • Zorngården
  • Falu Mine
  • Leksand’s crispbread
  • Experium
  • Leksand Church
  • The work
  • Dalarna Museum
  • Aqua Nova
  • Kupolen Shopping Center
  • Nils Olsson Dala horses
  • Nittsjö ceramics
  • Visit a farm shop
  • Go to a flea market

Further down in the article you will find more good and fun things to do when it rains and you want to have fun in Dalarna.

rain in Dalarna


Anders Zorn is one of the best painters we have had here in Sweden and he painted fantastic paintings. I personally have always liked the way he paints so the light looks so vivid in his works. You can visit his farm outside Mora and see some of his beautiful works there and have a coffee.

Falu Gruva

Falu Gruva is now a world heritage site. It is a wonderful and historic place to be and you can really get a cultural injection here. Falu Copper Mine was so lucrative and influential that they actually considered putting the capital of Sweden here in Falun. Definitely worth a visit!

Leksands Knäckebröd

Visit the largest family business in Dalarna. Here you can buy bread at factory prices and experience some of the production of this famous crispbread. Definitely worth buying your bread here as the prices are very good! An excursion here on a rainy day is definitely worth it!


A cool and wonderful adventure pool in a cool environment! Here you can really play in the water! Water slides, waves, outdoor swimming, indoor swimming, indoor surfing and much more! Crazy fun for everyone in the family. Come and enjoy cool experiences!

Leksand Church

Leksand’s church is one of Sweden’s largest rural churches with seating for 2300 people! It is a substantial and beautiful church for sure! If you like architecture and want to see a beautiful church, this is a nice environment to be in! Come and visit Leksand’s church.

The Carl Larsson farm

Carl Larsson is one of Sweden’s most famous artists and his farm is one of the most visited artists’ homes in northern Europe. The farm is located in picturesque Sundborn and it is a wonderful experience to be here. You can really experience his home and eat good food or have a coffee right next to his beautiful home.

The work

Verket is a high-class indoor experience! Good food can both be eaten here and bought. Flavors from Dalarna are promised and a pleasant experience. You don’t only have to visit Verket when it rains, of course. It is worth a visit any day!

Dalarna Museum

Dalarnas Museum is located in Falun and is Dalarna’s county museum. There are both permanent exhibitions and exhibitions that you can see during periods. There is a good café and good food in the building and the quality of the things you can experience here at the museum is high.

Kupolen Shopping Center

Dalarna’s largest shopping center in all categories. There are all possible and impossible shops in Kupolen and nowadays the entire area around Kupolen is built up with even more good shops, supermarkets and other things such as: IKEA, Elgiganten, Jula, Systembolaget and lots of other department stores that really give you good shopping and an experience!

Aqua Nova Adventure Pool

One of my own favorite pools. We have been here many times with the kids and it is a place for both young and old. Water slides, water park, rapids, coffee, pools, outdoor pool with whirlwind that pulls you around the pool and indoor pools. Truly a great experience! There is a restaurant, but you can bring your own coffee into the water park!

Nils Olsson Dalahästar

A must if you want to see and experience how the beautiful Dala horses in Nusnäs are made. It is an experience to see how they create the horses from being a piece of wood to the beautiful ornaments, which are found in so many homes and cottages. You can buy many nice things here and Nusnäs is really a nice little place to visit. Located between Rättvik and Mora along the road.

Nittsjö Ceramics

Nittsjö keramik is a classic destination. Here you can see and buy beautiful things for your home. It is one of the oldest craft companies in the country with a solid history in ceramics and design. A gem to visit.

More to do when it rains Dalarna

  • Indoor go-karting in Hedemora
  • Cinema in any city
  • Go bowling
  • Play billiards
  • Shopping
  • Reading a book
  • Visiting a library
  • Eating a borrowed lunch
  • Visiting a museum
  • Visit a swimming pool
  • Watching cartoons indoors
  • Playing games
  • Play padel
  • Go to IKEA for a good and cheap lunch
  • Stay at home on the sofa and rest
  • Adventure pools in Dalarna

FAQ: Things to do when it rains in Dalarna

1. What indoor activities are available in Dalarna when it rains?

Dalarna has a variety of indoor activities to offer, including museums, art galleries, concerts, theaters, cinemas, bowling alleys, libraries, indoor pools, and playgrounds.

2. Are Dalarna’s museums open when it rains?

Yes, Dalarna’s museums, including Dalarna Museum, Carl Larsson Farm, Falu Gruva and Zorn Museum, are open regardless of the weather. These are perfect places to spend a rainy day, as they offer an insight into the region’s rich history and culture.

3. What indoor sports can I try when it rains in Dalarna?

You can try bowling, swimming, climbing, yoga, badminton, squash and more. Many sports centers in Dalarna offer indoor facilities where you can be active regardless of the weather.

4. Is it possible to go to the movies when it rains in Dalarna?

Yes, there are several cinemas in Dalarna where you can see the latest movies. It is a great activity for a rainy day.

5. Are there any good shopping places to visit when it rains in Dalarna?

Yes, there are plenty of shopping centers and stores in Dalarna. You can find everything from local crafts to fashion, home decor and much more.

6. Are there any indoor events in Dalarna when it rains?

Yes, Dalarna has a lively cultural events schedule all year round, including concerts, theater performances, workshops and lectures, which often take place indoors and can therefore be enjoyed regardless of the weather.

7. Can I still enjoy nature in Dalarna when it rains?

Absolutely! Some people love hiking or cycling in the forest, even in the rain. It provides a unique experience and a chance to see nature from a different perspective. But make sure you have appropriate rain gear and equipment to make your outing safe and comfortable.

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What to do in Dalarna when it rains

Now you have some ideas about what to do when it rains in Dalarna. You can of course use many of the tips above in other regions as well. Don’t lose hope for a good day, just because the weather is a little worse. There are things to experience and do even when it’s raining.

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