Things to do in Borlänge – Activities in Borlänge

What to do in Borlänge?

Here are 10 things you can do in Borlänge with or without children. Borlänge has a lot to offer and you can easily put together far more great activities than you can manage in a day or a weekend. Borlänge is known for its shopping, rock bands, steel industry, ski resort, activities for children and much more. Things to do in Borlänge. Activities and attractions in Borlänge:

List of “Borlänge to do” things:

  • Kupolen
  • Shopping at IKEA
  • Romme Alpin
  • Torsångs Café
  • Aspeboda golf course
  • Experience Brage – Football
  • 2047 Science Centre
  • Torsång Church
  • Aqua Nova
  • Gammelgården
  • Play padel
  • Sahlins ostrich

Visit the Dome Kupolen

Kupolen is a mecca for those who want to shop in Dalarna and Borlänge. I remember when Kupolen opened and people flocked here from all over Dalarna to shop and eat. They still do, and it’s easy to spend a day here and enjoy everything that is available to buy. This is where you shop!

Nowadays you also have IKEA, JYSK, Systembolaget, Elgiganten and other stores at arm’s length, so a shopping day in Borlänge is easy to organise. If you want to shop in Dalarna, Kupolen is number 1!

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Make a visit to IKEA

Everyone knows what IKEA is today and nowadays there is an IKEA in Borlänge. I have been here several times and it is a very fresh and well-stocked IKEA. I can strongly recommend that you take a trip here when shopping for both yourself and others when it comes to interior design and lots of other things that you may need. IKEA is an obvious choice, so really no further introduction to this strong concept is needed.

Skiing in Romme Alpin

Romme Alpin is known for its skiing and also for its proximity to Stockholm. It is the closest ski resort to our capital, which I think is worthy of the name. Now it was a long time since I myself went downhill unfortunately, but it is a nice facility and you can really enjoy here a weekend or more with good skiing and the proximity to Borlänge.

If you want to be close to good shopping and a good city, then Romme Alpin is a given favourite in Dalarna.

Eat a Hästräka at Torsångs Café

Torsångs Café is a classic when it comes to lovely places to have coffee or eat in Dalarna. Torsångs Café is a very popular stop and those who either cycle Runn Runt, take a trip by motorbike, out by car, visit Borlänge or live here usually stop here at this lovely café at least once a summer.

Probably one of the most famous coffee places around Borlänge for sure! Try the classic Hästräka with shrimp salad, tomato egg and Gustafskorv. It has been around since the 70s and is a given favourite!

Golf in Aspeboda

Aspeboda is located between Falun and Borlänge and is a lovely golf course with a pleasant atmosphere. Aspeboda golf course has a lovely and very beautiful 18 hole course with nice fairways and a lovely design. You can also eat a good piece of food and enjoy the quiet surroundings that prevail here at Aspeboda golf club.

Watch Brage

Brage is Dalarna’s best football team of all time. I remember when I was on site at Domnarvsvallen and saw Brage meet Inter. It was a really long time ago, but I still remember it today. Over the years, Brage has been both in Allsvenskan and now in Superettan. It is an experience to see Brage play football on the embankment and if there is a match the day you visit Borlänge, then take the opportunity!

Visit 2047 Science Centre formerly known as Framtidsmuséet

Nowadays the Framtidsmuséet is called 2047 Science Centre and it is clearly a cool experience to be here and experience everything you can do and see. It’s not really a museum, but a science centre, which is why the name has been changed. There is really a lot to do here and this is one of the favourites for the kids for sure.

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Look at Torsång’s church

Torsång Church is the oldest church in Dalarna and dates back to the 13th century. In 1912, this old church was restored. It is worth a visit both to see the outside, but of course also on the inside. For example, there is an old baptismal font from the 1200s and the bell tower outside the church is from the 1570s. Here you can talk about Dala History. Beautiful church in a beautiful environment. Torsång is really dala beautiful!

Swimming at Aqua Nova

Aqua Nova is located next to Maserhallen and is a really good water park. It is made for children, but adults will definitely have just as much fun! We have been here several times with the family and have enjoyed the slides, the waves in the indoor pool and the heated part of the outdoor pool where you are pulled around by a vortex. Food is available for purchase in the restaurant and you also have access to the other exercise pools when you visit Aqua Nova.

Visit Gammelgården

Gammelgården is one of the best community centres in Sweden. It consists of a total of 35 buildings and here you can see lots of fine old-fashioned artefacts. You can have a coffee in the café and enjoy the tranquillity of Gammelgården. It is located on the western side of the Dalälven river in Borlänge. You can celebrate Midsummer, go to the Christmas market or take part in many other activities if you are here on a day when these are on the agenda. A nice excursion for sure! Worth a visit.

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Things to do in Borlänge with children:

  • Jump on Yoump
  • Visit Leos Lekland
  • Eat ice cream at Kupolen
  • Go to the cinema
  • Watch boats at Torsångs café
  • Play crazy golf
  • Swim at one of the many bathing areas available
  • Sahlins ostrich
  • Romme Alpin
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Scooter safari
  • Skateboarding

Swimming spots in and around Borlänge Dalarna

Here in the list below you will find several nice bathing places located either in Borlänge or in Borlänge’s neighbourhood. There are no special natural baths in the town of Borlänge itself, but you have to go a little outside to get really nice baths. Feel free to tell us if you have more swimming spots around Borlänge in the comments below.

Bergkvarnsdammen, Gimsbärke
Dammyran pond, Skräddarbacken
Dammsjön, Solvarbo (Säter)
Flatnanbadet, Tuna Hästberg
Långsjön, Romme
Masenbadet, Norr Amsberg
Sjömyren, Sellnäs
Stora Aspan, Stråtenbo
Ulfshyttebadet, Ulfshyttan
Uvbergsviken, Torsång

Borlänge nature reserve

Tures meadow
Långsjö forest

Museum Borlänge

Jussi Björling Museum
2047 Science Centre
Torsång Motor Museum
Churches and chapels Borlänge
Stora Tuna church
Torsång Church
Amsberg Chapel
Haga Church
Kvarnsveden church
Jakobsgården and Jakobs Kapell
Väster Tuna Chapel
Pilgrimage and Resurrection Chapels
Stora Tuna burial chapel
Smälla burial chapel
The hospital church
Finnsåsens Fäbodkyrka

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Many activities and attractions in Borlänge

As you can see, there are lots of great things to see and do in Borlänge and these were my 10 tips for activities you can do in the active city of Borlänge. There is clearly a lot going on here and it is the largest shopping city in Dalarna as said. Borlänge really has a lot to offer. Play golf in Borlänge. Here you will find all hotels in Borlänge.

People go here and shop at Kupolen from all over Dalarna and also to the new shops that have been built around IKEA on the other side of the road at Kupolen. Definitely worth a visit! We usually shop here ourselves! If you want to go over to Falun, it is only about 2.5 miles away.

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