Things to do in Orsa – Activities and attractions

What to do in Orsa?

Orsa is beautifully situated on the shores of Lake Orsa and here you can really find the real Dalarna. Orsa is known for many things and one of these is that the famous fiddler Kalle Moraeus comes from here… Orsa is a beautiful place with a lot of culture and history in beautiful Dalarna. In this article you will find activities, attractions, things to do with children, summer and winter activities and much more! Things to do in Orsa:

Activities and experiences in Orsa

  • Helvetesfallet and Storstupet
  • Orsa Predator Park
  • Orsa hembygdsgård
  • Bear safari
  • Fryksås Fäbodar
  • Pilkalampinoppi mountain
  • Skräddar Djurberga mountain hut
  • Orsa Camping
  • Orsa Kaffestuga
  • Orsa market hall

Orsa attractions and things to do

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Orsa. Both in winter and summer. In the summer, the village comes alive around Siljan and Orsa is no exception. The proximity to Mora and Nusnäs gives it a good location and there are a lot of things to do at both Fryksås and Orsa Grönklitt. Here you see more “Orsa to do activities”:

Helvetesfallet and Storstupet

Both Helvetesfallet and Storstupet are really lovely places near Orsa. A visit here is almost a must when you are in the area. You will be enchanted by the nature here and it is really an experience to visit these two fine sights. Read more about Storstupet and Helvetesfallet here. Take the opportunity at the beginning of the season or at the end of the season when you get the places more to yourself. Here you can see more sights in Dalarna.

Orsa Predator Park

If you like to see wild animals, this park is a real experience out of the ordinary! You get close to the wild animals and it is a cool day not only for the smaller ones but also for adults. The animals are doing well here, it is said, and they are well cared for. It feels good. It’s important to me, I’m an animal person myself.

Animals you can see here are:

Polar bear
Kodiak bear
Amur Tiger
Persian leopard
Snow leopard
Scandinavian brown bear
Mountain Owl

They are well taken care of by the zoo and at the time of writing, a bunch of mountain wolf cubs were recently released into the wild. It is truly an experience to visit the predator park for both children and adults. It is a great and much appreciated family activity. Definitely worth a visit!

Orsa Hembygdsgård

Orsa hembygdsgård has a long history and here you can see nice old buildings, such as log cabins, hearths, barns, a salt mill and a smithy. Activities and courses are organized here mostly in the summer and you step into a rich old cultural treasure when you are here.


Bear safari

Between May and October you can go on a bear safari outside Orsa. You get more knowledge about bears, look for tracks, find droppings and if you are lucky you can see these magnificent animals in action. You can also attend lectures about bears, how to mark them and see their progress in nature. If you want to know more about these cool wild animals, a bear safari is a perfect way to get closer to the bears.

Fryksås mountain huts

Probably the most famous mountain pasture in Orsa and perhaps in all of Dalarna. Magnificent views at 503 meters above sea level. You look out over the Siljansbygden. It’s a magical place in many ways and here you can experience what a whole village of farmhouses looks like. It’s a really nice shepherd’s hut. Fryksås fäbod has really old roots and they have had their farms here since the middle of the 16th century.

You can find a farmhouse café, hiking trails, bike trails, accommodation, hotels, restaurants and ski trails in the winter in the area. Clearly worth a visit, when you want to get the old ancient Dala culture a little closer. It is really crazy beautiful here!

Pilkalampinoppi mountain

645 meters above sea level, this magnificent mountain boasts. Here you can really enjoy magically beautiful nature and views worthy of the name! Pilkalampinoppi is located in Orsa Finnmark and here you can really say that you are in the beautiful valley forests. Here you will find a nice old fire tower and a good coffee place. It is a well-known and well-visited excursion destination in Orsa.

Skräddar Djurberga farmhouse

This fine old farmhouse is located a bit outside Orsa and dates back to the 17th century. They still run the farm here with animals. This place can be a natural part of an excursion to Storstupet and Helvetesfallet. Fäbodvallen consists of about 20 fäbodar. Get an experience of the old genuine Dalarna.

Orsa Camping

5 star campsite on the shores of Lake Orsa. This is a gem when it comes to experiences and camping in Dalarna. A really nice campsite for the whole family for sure! 800 camping pitches of which 600 are with electricity. Stay by the beach and enjoy the sun and swimming all summer! Should you have a nice camping experience then Orsa camping is clearly worth a visit! You can find more campsites in Dalarna here.

Orsa Kaffestuga

Here you can really enjoy a gofika. Light lunch, baguettes, good coffee, good tea and other yummy things are of course available here at Orsa Kaffestuga. Beautiful surroundings and a lovely atmosphere are promised. You can have coffee here all year round and enjoy all the good stuff. The timber-framed building protects against the fall rush and you can sit in the sun outside in the summer.

Orsa Saluhall

Orsa Saluhall has a touch of the old. It’s like being in an old market stall, which is definitely cool. Shop for local food crafts, handicrafts, meat, cheese and handmade charcuterie. The new mixes well with the old. Dalarna is good at food crafts and here in the market hall there is a lot to choose from!

More to do in Orsa:

Swim in Lake Orsa – Dalarna’s largest lakes.
Hike in the beautiful nature
Eat ice cream in the center
Go to a restaurant
Visit a farmhouse – List of farmhouses in Dalarna
Cycling on a bike trail
Go kayaking or canoeing
Visit Hamregården
Play miniature golf at Orsa-Grönklitt
Go skiing in Orsa-Grönklitt
Pick berries and mushrooms in the beautiful forests.

Activities Orsa

Orsa Predator Park
Orsa hembygdsgård
World Heritage Fågelsjö gammelgård
Börningsberget Forest Museum
Folkets Park Skeer
Photo exhibition – Our Orsa
Fryksås cattle shed
Old fire station
The hellish case
Hornberga village
Orsa activities
Hornberga chapel
Artist Marianne Timander Korth
Lindänget Nature Reserve
Näcksjövarden Nature Reserve
Näckådalens saw and mill
Orsa Finnmark
Orsa Folk School
Orsa Sandstone Museum
Orsa courthouse
Orsa library and cultural center
Orsa church
Orsa Mission Church
Orsa Dalarna
Skattunge church
Skräddar-Djurberga Farmhouse
The grinding stone mines in Mässbacken
Stopån river
Storstupet waterfall
Tower museum in Orsa church
Trunna Church
The tourist route
Östra Grunubergs Fäbod
Nature reserve in Orsa:
Knutar Einar’s meadow
Norra Gällsjön
Cross-country skiing
Berget, (at the ice rink)
From Viborg towards Skavåsen
Cross-country and downhill skiing in Orsa Grönklitt
Things to do in Orsa with children
Swim at one of the many bathing areas available.
Slalom skiing at Orsa/Grönklitt
Cross-country skiing
Play in any of the playgrounds available
Eat ice cream

Attractions Orsa – Activities

There are lots of activities to do in Dalarna and Orsa is certainly no exception. Here you have many great activities and things to do all year round. Orsa is surrounded by wonderfully beautiful nature and it is really an experience in itself to just be out in this beautiful environment. I personally think that Orsa has more to offer than what you first thought and it is, as I said, another of the pearls here in beautiful Dalarna.

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