Things To Do in Mora: Activities and Attractions

What to do in Mora?

Mora is a beautiful town by Lake Siljan and there is plenty to do both for those who live here or are here on vacation. Dalarna is full of beautiful places, towns and villages and Mora is certainly no exception. Mora is probably best known for the Vasaloppet race that ends here on the first Sunday in March every year, but there are plenty of other activities and things to do here in Mora. Things to do in Mora. Mora sights and things to do:

Activities and sights in Mora

  • Tomteland
  • Hiking in Mora
  • Visit the Zorn Museum
  • Mora Park
  • Go-karting in Mora
  • Mora Church
  • Vasaloppet Museum
  • Zorn Museum
  • Shopping in Morastad
  • The view at Lybergsgnupen
  • Siljansfors Forest and Naval Museum
  • Mora swimming pool
  • Visiting Tomteland

Tomteland is a really popular activity for the whole family. Especially those with smaller children can enjoy a full day here at Tomteland. You can see performances, buy lots of nice things, eat well and the children get a magical experience for sure. If you have small children, take a trip here. It will be a great experience. Mora activities for children and adults!

Hiking in Mora

Just walking around a city, whether it is Mora or any other beautiful city in Dalarna, is a great experience. In the Mora region there are also nice hiking trails for those who really want to experience the beauty of Dalarna in terms of nature and culture.

Below you can see several hikes that you can do near Mora. There are really nice experiences that await you when you hike here in the area.

  • Blå vägen – hiking trail
  • Amperundan – hiking trail
  • Alderängsrundan – hiking trail
  • Bjarnerundan – hiking trail
  • Anjosvarden – hiking trail
  • Bananna – hiking trail
  • Experience Mora Parken

Start your vacation in Mora Park. There is plenty to do here and 5 of BikingDalarna’s trails start here. Swim, sunbathe, cross-country ski, stay in a hotel, camp, stay in a cabin, eat good food, fish in the river, even swim in the Österdalälven. Mora Park also has events, performances and markets in the summer. Really nice activities and a wonderful environment are promised here!

Visit the Zorn Museum

Anders Zorn is one of our most appreciated artists in Sweden. He has left a lot of art, sculptures and other things, which can be found at the Zorn Museum. He was a phenomenal artist and painted famous and unknown people all over the world. Zorngården, the Zorn Museum, Zorn’s old house and textile chamber in Mora and Gopsmo were donated to the state by the Zorn couple and are all great places to visit.

His life is available as a TV series. Anders had a fine way of painting and the light in his paintings and the details are much appreciated. If you are in Mora and want to experience beautiful art and lovely old-fashioned environments, the Zorn Museum is a must!

Gokart at Mora Hyrkart

It is clearly worth visiting Mora Hyrkart if you like racing. Between week 26-32 it is open for drop in otherwise you have to book your visit here before. Gokart is a wonderful experience and here in Mora it is no exception. Speed and fan are promised and a nice experience whether you are young or old. Gokart is always fun, I can think personally! A great experience for sure!


Bild: Wikimedia

Visit Mora church

Mora church is a beautiful countryside church and dates back to the 13th century. The current design dates to 1754 and the tower spire to 1673. It is a stately church and a very beautiful building. Many people think it is one of the most beautiful rural churches in the country. We’ll leave that aside, but it’s really nice!

Visit the Vasaloppet Museum

No one can have missed the Vasaloppet! It is the world’s largest cross-country race and the most classic cross-country ski race in Sweden. You ski from Sälen to Mora and finish in the middle of town. The Vasaloppsmuseet is a popular attraction to visit in Mora and here you can enjoy lots of classic things related to Vasaloppet. Make a visit. It’s worth it! Mora to do activity for the whole family!

Enjoy the view from Lybergsgnupen

Lybergsgnupen is both a mountain and a nature reserve. This area is about 2 miles north of Malung and is located in both Mora – and Malung -Sälen municipality. The mountain is 659 meters high and plunges straight down. An incredible view is promised and it is a great experience to be here. Dalarna’s nature is magical and this is an example of the magic of our beautiful landscape.

Shopping in Mora Köpstad

In central Mora there are many nice little shops where you can shop. It is a nice environment to be in and you shop for crafts, clothes, handicrafts, eat food, have coffee, stroll around, find second hand and just enjoy yourself. Mora is a beautiful shopping town and in the center you will find most of what you need. There are also several really nice hotels in Mora. Welcome to Mora city!

Bild: Wikimedia

Visit Siljansfors forest and naval museum

Siljansfors forestry museum is an open-air museum and here you can feel the wings of history about how it was in the past when it was worked here for real. You can learn about forestry, logging, ironworks and sawing here. You can take a hike around the surroundings and there are 1.5 km, 3 km and 5 km hiking trails. A nice experience where you get in touch with the history and work in the past. There is a parking lot for motorhomes here.

Things to do in Mora with children:

  • Things to do with children in Mora in the summer
  • Tennis school
  • Athletics school
  • Sailing courses
  • Swimming school
  • Football schools
  • Bowling
  • Summer fun with Centrumkyrkan
  • The summer book
  • Children’s festival on Friday, July 1
  • Swimming
  • Municipal playgrounds
  • Godsvägen playground
  • Pheasant Road playground
  • Djustäppvägen playground
  • Brudvägen playground
  • Hedvägen playground
  • Playgrounds at municipal preschools

You are welcome to play at municipal preschools when the preschools are closed.

Bonäs preschool
Canada preschool
Finnsnäs preschool
Hindrikshedens preschool
Klockarvägen preschool
Morkarlby preschool
Norets preschool
Nusnäs preschool
Rödmyrens preschool
Sollerö preschool
Tuvan preschool
Utmeland preschool
Våmili preschool
Östnor preschool

Activities in Mora

  • Swimming and sunbathing
  • Cycling in Mora
  • Cross-country skiing
  • See the grave fields on Sollerön
  • Fishing around Mora
  • Try your hand at dressage in Mora
  • Buy a genuine Mora knife
  • Visit a flea market in the area
  • Walk under the finish line at the Vasaloppet goal
  • Have coffee outdoors by the water
  • Buy Dala horses and other handicrafts
  • Watch hockey with Mora IK
  • Swimming spots in Mora
  • Bonäs
  • Brintbodarna
  • Bäcka
  • Garsås
  • Gopshus
  • Gävunda
  • Kråkberg
  • Mora camping
  • Nusnäs
  • Oxberg
  • Ryssa
  • Sanda
  • Selja
  • Siknäs
  • Skepphusviken
  • Sollerön, Bäcksta
  • Sollerön, Kulåra
  • Sollerön, Lefsnäs
  • Sollerön, Rävsnäs
  • Tingsnäs
  • Venjan
  • Vika
  • Vinäs
  • Våmhus
  • Åmåsäng
  • Nature reserve in Mora
  • Agnmyren
  • Alderängarna
  • Anjosvarden
  • Djustjärnsmyrarna
  • Dyverdalen
  • Filiberg
  • Fux-Anderknallarna
  • Fåsmyr and Mörkloksmyren
  • Gessi
  • Gåstjärnskölen
  • Hartjärnsberget
  • Hemus
  • Karlsmyren
  • Kråkbergskärret
  • Långhedsberg
  • Nordbläster
  • Norra Mora Vildmark
  • Näcksjövarden
  • Area at Jugan
  • Rädån
  • Sandholmen
  • Skärmyren
  • Svinvallen
  • Säxberg
  • Söderberget
  • Tramsgrav
  • Täxberg
  • Vinäsgraven
  • Våmhuskölen
  • Lybergsgnupen
  • Hykjeberget
  • Lödersjön
  • Churches and chapels Mora
  • Mora church and bell tower
  • Siknäs church
  • Sollerö church
  • Venjan church
  • Våmhus church
  • Sollerö small church
  • Andreasgården Chapel
  • Oxberg Chapel
  • St. Michael’s Chapel

Activities in Mora Dalarna

As you can see, there are plenty of fun and exciting things to do in Mora. Holidays in Dalarna are usually a highlight! Dalarna is definitely worth a visit and Mora is no exception. On the contrary. Here you have plenty of activities for the whole family. If you are here for the Vasaloppet, remember to book accommodation long before and that there are a lot of people in circulation during the Vasaloppet week. Mora is worth a visit and enjoy all the best when you are here!

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