Things to do in Falun – Activities and Attractions Falun

Falun is a lovely city in the center of Dalarna. It is the capital of Dalarna and Falun city was actually considered as the capital of Sweden during the heyday when the Falu Mine was at its peak and created wealth in the landscape. Nowadays the mine is a World Heritage Site and many people come to our beautiful city every year.

What can you do in Falun?

As someone who lives here, I get a bit homesick every now and then, but in this post I will show you many great things you can do when you are in Falun. The article serves as a form of Falun tourist information and you will see lots of activities and attractions for the whole family.

Things to do in Falun

  • Visit Falu Gruva
  • Visit Lugnet
  • Café Slussvaktarn
  • Take a ride with Slussbruden
  • Experience the Poker Run
  • Visit the Dalarna Museum
  • Främby Udde
  • Carl Larsson Farm
  • Swimming in Falun
  • Skiing in the Källviksbacken slope
  • Play padel
  • Swimming at Lugnet
  • Rent long-distance skates Runn
  • Canoeing on Runn
  • Swim in Varpan
  • Visit Spruthuset
  • Visit the mining area
  • Skateboard in the skate park
  • Cycle the Runn Trail


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Attractions Falun – Falun activities

Below you will find several of the very best attractions and activities that Falun Dalarna has to offer. You can really go back in time here at the Falu mine and the older parts of Falun. The mining area is a world heritage site and you can really find many more gems here in and around the city. There is a lot to experience and to see in Falun. there are really many excursion destinations Falun, which you can experience when you are here. What to do in Falun? Dalarna Falun:

Visiting Falu Gruva

Falu Gruva is still a central part of Falun today. It was the mine that created much of the wealth enjoyed here in Dalarna for hundreds of years. Nowadays, this place is a World Heritage Site and gets lots of visitors every year. The mine is a must visit and you will have a great experience for sure! Eat well and shop for fine products in the area and make a visit down into the mine if you want to. The area at the mine is of course genuinely old-fashioned and in several places you can get an idea of what it was like to live in the past when mining was underway.

Visit Lugnet

Lugnet is Falun’s sports area. Lugnet has hosted 2 world championships in cross-country skiing and many sports in Falun are based here. IBF Falun is a dominant floorball team and they play their home games here in their beautiful hall. Lots of sports are practiced here every day and lots of events are held here every year. Many people cycle here at Lugnet.

The ski jumps are visible from afar and are a fine landmark for Falun. Many here in the city have over the years thought that this monument at the top of Lugnet has cost too much money, but we leave that out of this website. It is beautiful and many people go up and have a coffee and enjoy the view at these large steel monuments, which are the ski jumps.


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Café Slussvaktarn

This lovely café located at the lock between Tisken and Runn is a real gem. Here you can enjoy good food, coffee, ice cream and a tasty beer. They have a popular miniature golf course and the Slussbruden boat departs from the quay right next to the café. I have been here countless times and you can really take nice pictures towards Tisken in the evening with beautiful sunsets over Falun. This is one of all the “to do Falun” things here in Dalarna.

Take a trip with Slussbruden

Slussbruden is a boat with 95 seats that you can take nice trips on Runn with. It leaves from Slussen between Tisken and Runn in Falun. You can go on taco and shrimp cruises and enjoy other forms of mini-cruises on Runn. A really nice trip is promised and good food and drinks are on board. I myself have gone a few times and can definitely recommend a cruise with Slussbruden. this is a really nice activity and a good “Falun to do” thing. Especially for those who are adults and can enjoy good food, good drinks and a nice trip on the lake.

Poker Runn – See the boats

Poker Runn is a great event on the lake. It is really a folk festival on Runn, the weekend that Poker Runn is arranged. Big fat boats with big engines, which really accelerate the iron. Poker is played in several places around the lake during the event and it usually ends at Främby Udde, Sjösidan, with dinner and a closing party. Clearly worth both being on the lake this weekend and as a spectator on land.

poker Runn

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Visit the Dalarna Museum

Dalarnas Museum is the county museum and is located in central Falun. Here you can see permanent exhibitions and other temporary exhibitions. The world’s largest collection of Dala horses is here and you get an insight into large parts of Dalarna’s history in terms of culture and life in the past. Very nice museum, which you can visit several times.

Food is available for purchase and you can have coffee here. Dalarna’s museum is a must for those who visit Falun and you get a lot for your money if you say. Dalarna’s history and much more is promised and it is a cozy excursion for sure! Here you see more museums in Dalarna.

Visit Främby Udde – Sjösidan Falun

Främby Udde is a lovely place by Runn. This place is now called Sjösidan in Falun. Here you can bathe, swim, rent a canoe, sail, eat good food, have coffee, buy ice cream, dock the boat, camp at the campsite and stay in the cottages, which are nicely located on the water. Främby Udde is really beautiful and a nice place to be. You can absolutely go here all year round and eat good food, and in winter it is a stop for everyone who goes long-distance skating on Runn. You can rent long-distance skates Falun here in the winter and slide out on the lake.


Visit the Carl Larsson farm

The Carl Larsson farm in Sundborn is truly one of the great gems here in Dalarna. It is one of the most visited destinations in the county and you can easily understand why when you are here. We visitors get an insight into how they lived in the Larsson family and you get to experience lots of beautiful art and objects, which both Karin and Carl created.

Karin was also very talented in her creation and you walk around among all the fine objects. There are of course things to shop in the shop on the farm and you can eat well or have coffee here. Definitely worth a visit! The farm is also located in a very cozy environment in beautiful Sundborn.

Skiing in Källviksbacken

Källviksbacken is a gem for us who like slalom and snowboarding. There are 3 slopes here and they are Branten, the family slope and a snow park with rails and jumps. The slopes are in really good condition and everyone from advanced skiers to beginners can fit here. There is a ski school and you can eat and drink here. The fall height is about 100 meters and the descents between 400-600 meters.

Swimming in Falun

Swimming is perhaps not something you think of when you think of Falun in the first place. It is usually culture, the city, Lugnet and Gruvan that are in focus, but there are lots of nice places to swim when you are in Falun. Both summer and winter. At Lugnet in the winter, but a plethora of bathing places when you are here in the summer.

Lugnet – and Slätta badet are two facilities where you can swim, swim, go on water slides and jump from the diving tower (Lugnet). These two facilities are worth more than one visit. If you want to swim outdoors at Runn or other lakes in Falun, you can see a list below of nice bathing places where you can enjoy the sun, swimming and beautiful surroundings.


Swimming spots in Falun:

  • Sandlandet
  • Bojsen Beach
  • Källviksbadet
  • Hosjön
  • Roxnäs
  • Lilltorpet
  • Varpan
  • Stångtjärn
  • Vika Strand
  • Southern Vällan
  • Vitsand Sundborn
  • Höganäsbadet
  • Sixen Svartnäs
  • Kålgården

Lots to do in Falun

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Falun! I myself am a bit home blind, but this post has opened my eyes to all the wonderful things you can do when you are in Falun. To either walk or cycle in a city, whether it is Falun or not, is a good tip on how to experience more of a city or place, than if you get around by car, bus or otherwise. You get closer in many ways when you are in the middle of everything on foot or by bike.


Sights, activities and experiences in Falun

There is of course much more you can experience here in the city and its surroundings. Sights and experiences are Dalarna good at in general and Falun in particular. Here you see some Falun sights to:

  • Magasinet Falun
  • Great Kopparberg Church
  • World Heritage Falun
  • Kålgården
  • Källslätten
  • Shopping in the center
  • Eat good food in a restaurant
  • Coffee in a cozy café
  • Skate park in Falun
  • City walk in Falun
  • Visit Elsborg
  • Cycling Runn Runt
  • Experience the Runn Trail
  • Visit Staberg and eat food
  • Go boating on Runn. Sweden’s busiest lake
  • Cycling in Falun
  • Play golf in Samuelsdal
  • Shop in the galleries
  • Falu Wild Water Park
  • Visit the library
  • Visit the magazine
  • Granny Goes Street
  • Åfesten
  • 10 best restaurants in Falun

Of course you should eat and drink well when you are on an adventure trip in Falun. Below you will find a list of the 10 most popular restaurants in Falun. There are many great places to eat good food and enjoy something good to drink. Large parts of Falun are completely without car traffic, so it’s nice to walk here when you want to go to your favorite restaurant:

1.Blackstone Steakhouse
2. Basta! Urban Italian
3. Banken Bar & Brasserie
4. TAIRYO Japanese Restaurant
5. Pitchers
6. Banken Two Rooms & Kitchen
7. Spruthuset
8. Smak Falun
9. Aaima Kitchen
10. Pinchos

Finding Falun – Where is Falun located?

Falun is located at Runn and it is about 2.5 miles to Borlänge. It is about 19 miles to Stockholm and 10 miles to Gävle. Trains go here and long-distance buses from all over the country land here in Falun town.



Things to do in Falun with children

This section is really fun and there are lots of things to do for kids in Falun. Falun to do with kids. Falun children. Here we list things for young people and children when you are here in Falun and the surrounding area:

  • Falu Gruva
  • Lugnet swimming hall
  • Slätta bath
  • Slussen minigolf
  • Minigolf at Lugnet
  • Eating ice cream in the center
  • Visit the library
  • Visiting Granny Goes Street
  • Åfesten
  • Visit a farm shop
  • Children’s activities in Falun
  • Mountain biking at Lugnet
  • Swimming in Runn
  • Swimming in Varpan
  • Rent a canoe with an adult
  • The skate park at the mine roundabout
  • Several good playgrounds
  • Källviksbacken
  • Horseback riding
  • Skiing at Lugnet
  • Downhill skiing at Källvuiksbacken
  • Mountain biking at Lugnet
  • Cycling at Runnleden
  • Mountain biking at Källviksbacken
  • Källviksbacken’s bike jump
  • Things to do in Falun for free

Many of the things we mention in this article are free, but I thought we’d list all the free things you can do when you’re here in the city or in Falun municipality. Attractions in Falun and free activities:

  • Swim in one of the many lakes in the municipality.
  • Cycling on one of the many popular cycling trails in Falun.
  • Mountain biking at Lugnet
  • Cross-country skating on Runn
  • Play football on one of the football pitches
  • Paddle on the Varpan river
  • Strolling in town
  • Källslätten
  • Nature school animals
  • Falu Mine
  • Dalarna Museum
  • Källviksbadet
  • Roxnäs Udde
  • Främby Udde
  • Look at the jumping hills
  • Throw a frisbee at the Lugnet area
  • Canoeing at Danholn
  • Falun nature reserve
  • Bjursås priestly forest
  • Björnöarna in eastern Runn
  • Isalanäset
  • Rottneby forest
  • Runn’s northern islands
  • Sanders old-growth forest
  • Staberg’s island
  • Våckelberget and its forests
  • Myran nature and hiking area
  • Kyrkbytjärn
  • Hinsnorsön
  • Berg-Annas mountain
  • Erik-Hanstjärn
  • Gramsäng headland
  • Granåsen
  • Himmelsberget
  • Hornbobrändan
  • Hyttnäs
  • Högsveden
  • Kurbergsmyrarna
  • Kårarvsgruvan
  • Källmyrarna
  • Lilltuppen
  • Lugnet
  • Lensberget
  • Långön
  • Mossgräsberget
  • Ramsellskogen
  • Rotsjön
  • Slogmyrloken
  • Spjärshällen
  • Stämmshöjen
  • Sörmyren-Hynsån
  • Tallbergsklitten
  • Törnsbäcken
  • Våckelberget
  • Väsjön
  • Churches and chapels Falun
  • Aspeboda church
  • Falu Kristine Church
  • Grycksbo Church
  • Stora Kopparberg Church
  • Hosjö church
  • Vika church
  • St. Stephen’s Chapel & Stefansgården
  • Forest Chapel
  • Activities in Falun

Falun is worth one or more visits and you are very welcome here! In this article you have seen many of the great things you can do in Falun. If you want to find campsites in Dalarna, you can do so via the link. Falun is known for so many things both historically and in the present. Many of us who live here and come here really love Falun and its surroundings.

Visit Falun

Falun municipality and Falun city have a lot to offer you as a visitor here. It is not a residential city for nothing. Places that are close to Falun are:

  • Borlänge
  • Svärdsjö
  • In the article we have talked about:
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  • Things to see in Falun

Here you will find things to do in Borlänge, which is about 2.5 miles from Falun. You can also visit the smaller town of Svärdsjö, which is 2.5 miles in the opposite direction from Falun. Svärdsjö is a beautiful little town, which used to be its own municipality.

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