High-altitude course Rättvik: High and Low

If you are an adventure seeker and nature enthusiast, you will surely fall in love with the high ropes course in Rättvik, Dalarna. This adventure park is located in the spectacular natural beauty of Dalarna and offers a unique way to experience the natural beauty of the region while providing a real adrenaline rush.

High and low in Rättvik

The high-altitude course in Rättvik, also known as “Rättvik Adventure Park”, consists of different courses, all designed to challenge and excite. Visitors can expect to climb, balance, jump and swing their way through the park, all while enjoying the stunning views of the surroundings. The courses vary in difficulty, making the high-altitude course in Rättvik an ideal destination for both beginners and experienced climbers.

Safe and secure

Safety is a priority on the high-altitude course. Before starting the climb, all participants receive a thorough briefing on safety procedures. Each participant is equipped with a harness and safety line, and there are always trained staff on hand to ensure that all participants have a safe and enjoyable experience. In addition, all equipment, including ropes, harnesses and helmets, is maintained to the highest safety standards.


Sports in Rättvik

The high-altitude course in Rättvik is not just for the adventurous. There are many other activities to enjoy, including hiking, cycling, and picnic areas. In addition, with the proximity to Lake Siljan, visitors can also enjoy various water sports.

The high-altitude course also offers team-building activities, making it a perfect place for corporate events, school trips, and family outings. There are also special courses and activities for children, making it a family-friendly destination.

Adventure park in Rättvik

The high-altitude track in Rättvik is an exciting adventure attraction that offers a challenging and fun experience for visitors. This type of course, also known as a “high ropes course” or “climbing park”, usually consists of various obstacles and challenges that are placed between trees or poles in a forest environment.

High ropes courses are designed to test your physical strength, balance and climbing ability while providing an adrenaline rush. You will be equipped with a safety harness and other protective gear, and then you can navigate the course by climbing, balancing, jumping and sliding between different platforms and obstacles.

High & Low’ in Rättvik

  • The park consists of six courses designed with various obstacles and ziplines.
  • The difficulty levels of the courses are categorized with color codes, like a ski resort. It starts with the easiest course, orange, followed by green, dark green, blue and finally red which is the most challenging.
  • Each course has its own minimum height requirement: orange (80 cm), green/dark green (110 cm), and red/blue (140 cm).
  • Before starting the climb, all participants receive a mandatory safety briefing, which includes explanations of the safety system and other helpful advice to maximize the benefit of the visit.
  • All climbers are equipped with a harness and helmet. We recommend sports or outdoor clothing and sports shoes.
  • One ticket gives access to 3 hours of climbing, which is enough time to complete all the courses (or to redo the same course several times).

All courses are constructed from wood and metal and are designed to be as gentle on the trees as possible.
Near the park there are barbecue areas and outdoor seating, perfect for bringing and enjoying your own picnic or barbecue.
We recommend booking the visit online before arrival.”

Summary High and Low

In summary, the high-altitude course in Rättvik is more than just a climbing park – it is a place where you can create memories, build team spirit and experience the beautiful nature of Dalarna in an exciting and unique way. Whether you are an avid climber or just looking for a new adventure, the high-altitude course in Rättvik is a destination well worth a visit.

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