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Hotels in Borlänge

Borlänge in Dalarna is located on the beautiful Dalälven river. The city is frequently visited by both tourists and business travellers. There are nice hotels in the classes 4, 3 and 2 stars so you have a good choice depending on how you want to stay during your stay and what your requirements are. Here you can easily see 10 things to do in Borlänge.

Quality Hotel Galaxen

Quality Hotel Galaxen has a large leisure centre and its own spa with great views on the top floor.
Within 6 minutes you can reach the central station and if you want to go to the shops in the Kupolen shopping centre, it is only 1.5 kilometres away. The rooms are nice and modern, keeping a good standard within the four-star class.

All rooms have nice parquet floors, TV with film channels, internet and coffee/tea makers. In the hotel’s relaxation area you will find a lovely whirlpool and a sauna. Next to the hotel is the Planetarium in the Museum of the Future, which is popular with travellers. Here you can find other accommodation in Dalarna.

Gustaf Wasa Hotel

Gustaf Wasa hotel is well and centrally located just a few hundred metres from the train station.
which is good if you are travelling by bus or train. For those who have the car with them, the hotel has its own car park which is free for all resident guests.

There are two restaurants that both serve good food made from fine ingredients. If you are looking for an American-Mexican menu, you should visit the Broken Dreams restaurant at the hotel. However, if you want to eat something good from a more classic á la carte menu, go to the Wasa restaurant. The booking includes breakfast every morning.

First Hotel Brage

The fine First Hotel Brage has both a bar and restaurants. There is also the popular Brage nightclub Bolanche where you can dance, drink and listen to live performances from popular artists. The staff at the hotel are very friendly and are happy to help if you have any questions.

Feel free to ask about shops, restaurants and cafes and they will be happy to answer how far away they are and which ones they would recommend and which ones they would not. There are many outdoor activities in Borlänge and during the summer you can play golf. The golf club is only 5 kilometres from the hotel.

Scandic Hotel

Scandic hotel in Borlänge has 141 nice rooms to offer its guests. Here everyone is welcome in a nice and harmonious environment where you feel comfortable and can relax. The rooms are bright but also decorated with colour and fine woods.

There is a TV with films that can be rented directly from the menu, a seating area and internet access. If you want to relax for a while, you can swim in the lovely pool, relax in the hot sauna or play some fun games in the hotel’s games room.

Not far away is the Romme Alpin ski resort and the Frostbrunndalen nature reserve, which is very popular with visitors. The hotel also has a restaurant and bar.

Hotels in Borlänge Dalarna

Active Stay Hotel

Hotel Active Stay has focused on giving its guests a good experience in the city with exercise and sightseeing by bike. There is also a fully equipped gym with good and modern machines. Other things to do in the area in terms of activities are skiing in the Romme Alpin ski centre, playing golf or hiking in the beautiful nature reserve.

There is a lot of fun to be had if you are an active person and this hotel is an excellent choice. The restaurant serves both good classic Swedish dishes and flavourful Italian ones. The Kupolen shopping centre is only 15 minutes away.

Hotel Kupolen

Hotell Kupolen is a nice three-star hotel located in the Kupolen shopping centre, which means that shopping is more or less right on your doorstep. You can cook in the spacious communal kitchen or eat in one of the city’s restaurants.

Ask the staff and they will help you find a good place. The hotel has wireless internet access and free parking. The rooms have private bathrooms and there is also a TV and radio.

If you are travelling by train, the hotel is only 500 metres away. The Aqua Nova swimming centre is only five minutes away by car, Aqua Nova is popular with both residents and tourists.

About Borlänge

Borlänge is the largest city in Dalarna and therefore has important industries and is an important place for trade. The city’s character has been shaped over the years by the paper and steel industry, which has been one of the biggest parts of the city’s economy.

Unfortunately, as in most industrial cities, this industry has declined and other professions have taken over. As the city has moved more towards offices and administration, much effort has been put into making Borlänge an outward-looking profile in terms of trade fairs and conferences.

The dome

The popular Kupolen shopping centre was also built as part of this initiative. Borlänge is also home to Dalarna University, which offers social, technical and administrative programmes. A popular tourist destination is the Museum of the Future, which includes a science experiment workshop and a planetarium.

Peace & Love

The popular Peace & Love festival is held every summer and attracts many visitors to the city.
If you read about the history of Borlänge, you will understand why the city has been built from three different centres. There were two major industrial communities in the neighbourhood.

The paper mill

The paper mill was located 3 kilometres from the ironworks, which had a population of around 4,000 workers. These three parts were then merged to form a large town. Stora Kopparbergs Bergslags bruksgata can still be found in the Hushagen area, where both residential barracks and small houses are well preserved.

The architect Osvald Almqvist designed many homes in the early 1900s. And Klas Boman designed industrial buildings. This means that the town has an exciting architecture and many fine buildings. Borlänge was never really assembled according to the city plan, which means that the buildings in different blocks are fragmented.

History of Borlänge

The name Borlänge is found in writing as early as 1390 but then the name was written as Borlaengio whose meaning probably referred to the stretch of road where cargo had to be carried and Borl which means north in Latin. Originally, Borlänge was just a small village and had no major significance until the latter part of the 19th century when the city began to grow and modernise.

The railway

The railway came to the city and was completed in 1875. This railway line ran between Borlänge and Ludvika. In connection with the railway, construction of the Domnarvets Ironworks had begun and 1877 was the premiere date for the first blast furnace, which was then blown up.

During this time, the city also wanted to break free from Stora Tuna parish to which the city then belonged. At the end of the 19th century, Borlänge became its own municipality after forming Borlänge Köping. The municipality had a population of about 1300.


During these years, industry also grew and Domnarvet spread out around the ironworks, which meant that people moved to the area to find work and support their families. Domnarvet then had 4000 people in its industrial community. If you want to move to Dalarna and Borlänge, you can find landlords and property companies here via the link.


At the turn of the century, Kvarnsveden’s paper mill also emerged. It was the same owner who owned the ironworks who built the paper mill. Thanks to this, another small industrial town emerged. Borlänge Köping then wanted to merge the two industrial communities and become a town with a population of 18,000. This meant that Borlänge grew into a strong town in the industrial sector. More hotels in Dalarna, hotels in Mora.

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