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Hotels in Leksand

Leksand has a varied range of accommodation. Here you will find everything from simple hostels and guesthouses to really good hotels. Here you can read more about what you can do in Leksand. We have also listed the hostels and accommodation available in Leksand municipality.

Some of the accommodation is actually four-star. There are also a number of holiday villages and campsites on the outskirts of the town. Common to all accommodations in Leksand and the surrounding area is that they offer a homely and cosy stay where nature and culture are always in focus. Here you can read about other overnight stays in Dalarna.

Accommodation in Leksand and surroundings

Leksands Gästhem Hotel
Hotel Leksand
Furuhaga Guesthouse
Hotel Moskogen
Korstäppans Herrgård
Molnbyggen Strand Leksand

Leksand Gästhem hotel

Leksand Gästhem is housed in an old school built in the 1920s. The genuine rural feel is still there, although the building has of course been modernised over the years.

The hotel is located about 4 km from the centre of Leksand. Leksands Gästhem has 13 hotel rooms in four types. You can choose between single rooms, twin rooms, triple rooms and quadruple rooms. All rooms have shared bathrooms.

The hotel offers access to a variety of communal facilities, such as a garden, which offers barbecue facilities, a TV room with games and a small library, and a shared fully equipped kitchen. Free parking is available in the immediate vicinity of the hotel.

Guests at Leksands Gästhem can enjoy a breakfast buffet based on organic ingredients from the region. For lunch and dinner there are many excellent restaurants nearby.

Hotel Leksand

Hotell Leksand is a small, cosy hotel in the centre of Leksand. The railway station is just a five-minute walk from the hotel. The beach is about 2 kilometres away.

The amusement park Leksands Sommarland is about 5 minutes away by car. The hotel has a total of 11 rooms, in four different types. You can choose between single room, twin room (small), twin room (standard) and double room large.

All rooms have a private bathroom with shower and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. Wi-Fi is available everywhere, both in the rooms and in public areas.

Breakfast is served at Hotell Leksand, but for lunch and dinner you can either go to one of the two restaurants directly adjacent to the hotel, or explore the range of restaurants in the city centre. The hotel staff can help you find the right one.

Accommodation Leksand

Furuhaga Gästhem

Furuhaga Gästhem is a guesthouse located in a peaceful and beautiful environment just outside the centre of Leksand. It is about a 10-minute walk to the town centre.

The ice hockey arena Tegera Arena is a stone’s throw from the guest house. Furuhaga Gästhem offers single rooms and family rooms (for 2 adults and 2 children). The guest house has a total of 12 rooms. All rooms have shared bathrooms. Each room is individually decorated in elegant shapes and colours, and some have interesting details such as a tiled stove or a sofa bed. A TV with cable channels and free Wi-Fi are standard.

A buffet breakfast is served every morning in the guesthouse’s dining room. For lunch and dinner, guests can prepare their own food in the shared fully equipped kitchen or visit a nearby restaurant.

Hotel Moskogen

Hotel Moskogen is located in a scenic location just outside the centre of Leksand. Here you stay in cosy cottages with nature around the corner. Leksand Sommarland is about 5 kilometres away. Moskogen hotel is a popular option when it comes to accommodation near Leksand.

Leksand Golf Club is located at a distance of about 7 km. Hotel Moskogen has 40 cabins that can accommodate two adults or four adults. Each cottage is equipped with a separate dining area, refrigerator and stove. In addition, all cottages have private bathrooms. A TV with cable channels and Wi-Fi are available in all cottages.

The hotel’s own restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lunches are often in the form of buffets with different themes. On warm days, the hotel’s large terrace is open for cosy meals. There are also excellent barbecue facilities. Activities at the hotel include a hot tub, sauna, outdoor pool and tennis.

Korstäppans Herrgård

The four-star hotel Korstäppans Herrgård is a hotel with history. The main building was built in the early 1900s and has remained relatively intact since then.

Korstäppans Herrgård is located about one kilometre from the centre of Leksand in beautiful surroundings. Korstäppans Herrgård has a total of 27 hotel rooms, in three different variants. You can choose between single room, double room and double room superior. All rooms are individually decorated and have private bathrooms. TV with satellite channels and Wi-Fi are standard.

The hotel’s restaurant, which focuses on organic and locally sourced ingredients, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. On warm days, you can enjoy your meals outside on the terrace or in the garden.

Almost directly adjacent to Korstäppans Herrgård are hiking and cross-country skiing trails. You can also fish in Lake Siljan and play tennis at a nearby court.

Molnbyggen Strand Leksand

The 3-star hotel Molnbyggen Strand is located about 7 km from the centre of Leksand, by Lake Molnbyggen. Here you can choose to stay in cottages or in more traditional hotel rooms. Molnbyggen Strand has a total of 15 accommodation options.

The hotel rooms are available in three variants: single, double and family rooms. All rooms are decorated according to the Chinese art of feng shui in light and airy materials. Some of the hotel rooms have private bathrooms. The cottages consist of two bedrooms and a kitchenette with a dining area.

All accommodation is equipped with a flat-screen TV. The hotel’s restaurant serves local cuisine. A buffet breakfast is included in the price of a hotel night. Due to its proximity to Lake Molnbyggen, the hotel offers many activities around the beach.

For example, you can rent pedal boats or go on a hike along the lake’s shore. The hotel also has an outdoor sauna and hot tub. In winter, the Granberget alpine resort is always an option.

Leksand IF

If you ask the man in the street what he associates with Leksand, you will probably get the answer that Leksand is all about ice hockey and midsummer. Leksand is a town very well known for these two things, but the town offers much more than that.

Situated on the southern shore of Lake Siljan, the town has a fantastic location and it’s a treat for the eyes just to approach the town, whether you’re travelling by car or train. If you are looking for a varied entertainment programme, you will be disappointed by a visit to Leksand, but if nature, culture and/or sports are close to your heart, Leksand is a great destination.

The city centre of Leksand

The city of Leksand has about 6000 inhabitants. About 10,000 live in the municipality. Leksand is in many ways built around a number of rural villages that have grown together over the years to form a unit. Many of the villages offer their own attractions, crafts and the like. The area is very old and the first villages came into being over 1000 years ago.

Attractions in Leksand
Midsummer in Leksand
Music by Siljan
Culture night
Leksand Summerland
Clas Ohlson

Leksand offers a wide range of experiences in nature, cultural experiences and a lot of events. During the summer months there is always something to do in and around Leksand. During the winter months, the focus is on sports. A visit to Tegera Arena when Leksand IF plays a home game is a must.

Midsummer in Leksand

The town’s biggest events include the Midsummer celebrations, the Music at Siljan event, Culture Night and the town’s many Christmas markets. The town can also boast its very own summerland.

The Midsummer celebration in Sammilsdal, or “Gropen” as the place is known, is by far the largest in Sweden. It is from Sammilsdal that Swedish Television usually broadcasts the traditional midsummer celebrations. It is not unusual for more than 30,000 visitors to gather in the “Gropen” on Midsummer’s Eve.

Music at Siljan

Musik vid Siljan is a very large folk music festival that normally takes place at the end of June/beginning of July. What makes it special is that the festival is spread over a large number of locations in Leksand municipality. A gig can be arranged in the centre of Leksand while another gig is taking place at a local farm outside the town.

Culture night

Kulturnatta is an event organised at the beginning of September every year. During Culture Night all kinds of activities, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and much more are organised. This event is a fun and exciting event for the whole family.

Leksands Sommarland is actually Dalarna’s largest single tourist destination, which is saying something as Dalarna is Sweden’s largest tourist county. There is everything in the way of entertainment for families with children.

Leksands Sommarland

Among the city’s attractions, visitors to Leksand have a veritable smorgasbord to choose from. Those interested in technology can, for example, go to the town of Insjön, a few kilometres outside Leksand, where Clas Ohlson has its headquarters. You can find more activities in Dalarna via the link. Hotels near Leksand Sommarland can be found in the article above.

Clas Ohlson

Here is the world’s largest Clas Ohlson store and an extensive museum. Other attractions in and around Leksand include Naturum Dalarna (Siljansnäs), Leksand Church, Karlfeldtsgården, the Japanese Park and Axel Munthes Hildasholm.

In addition to specific attractions, it can also be argued that Leksand is one big attraction in itself. The best place to experience Leksand’s beauty is on the Solvändan seafront promenade. With lighting and comfortable benches, the walk is both interesting and relaxing.

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Entertainment and shopping in Leksand

Due to its small size, Leksand cannot offer a particularly wide range of entertainment and shopping. However, there are some really good restaurants and a few pubs that are open until the early hours. Shopping is centred on a few streets in the very centre of the town.

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