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Dalarna’s best waterfalls

There are several really exciting and beautiful waterfalls in Dalarna. I have put together a small list of the best waterfalls in the county. Make a visit and enjoy the wonderful nature here! Dalarna really has a lot to offer those who either live here or are here on a visit. Take the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty and beauty!

Dalarna waterfall

  • Njupeskär waterfall
  • Styggforsen waterfall
  • Helvetesfallet waterfall

1. Njupeskär, Fulufjället National Park

This is the fourth highest waterfall in Sweden. 125 metres, 93 metres vertical with a free fall of about 70 metres. The water masses are deafening and it is clearly a powerful experience to be here! Lots of unusual lichens and mosses grow here thanks to the water masses and the moisture around the waterfall.

Image: Wikipedia

It is easy to get to the waterfall during the bare ground period. You walk along the forest which contains spruce trees that are over 400 years old! Really beautiful old forest! Definitely worth a visit!

Njupeskärs waterfall is a really nice nature experience and kind of a must when you are going to see sights in Dalarna. It is a mighty fall and you will not be disappointed! You hike about 4 km to get to the fall and there is a rest area after about 1.5 km with really nice views of the waterfall. Watch it on Youtube.

2. Styggforsen, Boda

Styggforsen is another really exciting and cool waterfall in Dalarna. The fall height here is a mighty 36 metres and there is a dramatic and cool atmosphere around the waterfall. There is an exciting and slightly magical nature in the vicinity of the waterfall and you hike in a beautiful nature on the way to the fall.

Image: Wikipedia

The atmosphere is so special that Ingmar Bergman used the waterfall in Styggforsen in one of his popular films, Jungfrukällan from 1960. There is a magical nature up here and it is said to be due to the meteorite impact that took place over 375 million years ago. In the past, you will find several mills in this area.

It is really worth a visit to this beautiful waterfall. This is one of the three waterfalls that I think you should visit when you are here in the area. At the car park that is adjacent to the nature reserve, you can drink coffee and coffee at the coffee house in the summer.

3. Helvetesfallet and Storstupet, Orsa

The river Ämån that runs through the municipality of Orsa creates a number of very interesting waterfalls and rapids. They all have different sizes and the largest and most impressive are called Storstupet and Helvetesfallet. You will find these about 20 km north of Orsa. It is definitely worth seeing! A “must visit” if you are in these areas or made for a day trip.

In the 1800s, timber was floated here on Ämån. It was an arduous journey for the timber and at Storstupet they had to build a rafting channel to ensure the freight. You can still see the remains of the rafting channel today. If you take a train and pass by here, you get a magical view of this beautiful gorge.

Image: Commons Wikipedia

At the SkräddarDjurberga sheep farm, the 15 km hiking trail starts and takes you to Storstupet, and if you follow the Siljan trail, it takes you past Helvetesfallet. These two attractions are clearly worth a visit and you can really experience the magnificence of Dalarna’s nature here too.

More waterfalls in Dalarna

There are definitely more waterfalls here in the landscape and here you can see some of the best waterfalls:

  • Stops waterfall Älvdalen
  • Yxningåfallet Särna
  • Rotensugnet Älvdalen
  • Fjätfallen Särna

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Waterfalls in Dalarna

These are in many people’s eyes the 3 coolest waterfalls in Dalarna and I agree. Make an excursion and discover our beautiful landscape. There is so much to do here at home. If you are a visitor to Dalarna, you should definitely take the opportunity to enjoy everything you can experience here in what is, in my opinion, the best landscape in Sweden!

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