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If it weren’t for the Orsa Bear Park, Orsa probably wouldn’t have many hotels. Now, however, Orsa can boast a comparatively large selection of hotels and other accommodation. Here you will find information about conferences in Dalarna.

Some are centrally located while others are just outside the town at the Grönklitt ski centre or at Lake Orsa. Orsa Stadshotell and Hotell Strandvillan are two excellent options for those who want to stay in the centre of Orsa. Both hotels have a high level of service and many facilities. Here you can read more about accommodation in Dalarna.

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Orsa Stadshotell

Orsa Stadshotell is a budget-style hotel that offers comfortable accommodation of a relatively high standard. This two-star hotel is housed in a beautiful old building from 1894, located right next to the railway station in Orsa. Orsa Stadshotell has a total of 22 hotel rooms in seven different room types.

Almost all rooms have a private bathroom. A desk, TV with cable channels and free wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) are standard. The hotel rooms are simply but comfortably decorated in a Scandinavian style. The hotel’s restaurant serves breakfast and a buffet lunch. The hotel also has its own pub. A sauna is available for relaxation. For children there is a private playground.

Hotel Strandvillan

Hotell Strandvillan is a family-run, high-class hotel in the centre of Orsa. The town’s main street is just a stone’s throw away. The Lillån river runs just outside the hotel. Orsa Grönklitt, with its wilderness park and ski centre, is about 15 km from Hotell Strandvillan. The hotel has its own beach and there are many leisure activities to try in the surrounding area. Hotell Strandvillan has 12 hotel rooms in four different variants.

You can choose between single rooms, double rooms, deluxe double rooms with whirlpool bath and triple rooms. The rooms are individually decorated and have many amenities. An electric kettle, Wi-Fi and cable TV are standard. The hotel does not have its own restaurant, but a free buffet breakfast is served in the dining room every morning. The nearest restaurant is just a few minutes’ walk away.

Kungshaga Hotel

Kungshaga is a simple hotel that offers affordable accommodation. The hotel is located just outside Orsa in beautiful surroundings with an impressive view of the valley. The town of Mora with its attractions is about 15 km from Kungshaga Hotell. Kungshaga Hotell has 25 rooms in five different room types.

You can choose between single rooms, double rooms, twin rooms, triple rooms and family rooms. The rooms are decorated in a classic hotel style and all rooms have a private bathroom. TV and Wi-Fi are standard. Common facilities include a sauna, lounge with TV, darts and billiards, and a beautiful garden. The hotel also has its own restaurant serving classic meat and fish dishes.

STF Orsa Hostel

STF Orsa Hostel is a hostel located just outside the town of Orsa, at a distance of about 15 km from the larger town of Mora. Vildmarksparken and the Orsa Grönklitt ski centre are about 25 km by car from the hotel. STF Orsa Hostel has 21 hotel rooms in four different room types. You can choose between twin rooms, triple rooms and quadruple rooms.

Some rooms have a private bathroom with a shared shower while others have a shared bathroom. There are many shared facilities at the hostel. These include two fully equipped kitchens and a living room with a TV. Wi-Fi is available in all common areas and is free of charge. A furnished terrace with beautiful views of Lake Orsa is open in summer.

Bäcka Herrgård

Hotel Bäcka Herrgård is housed in the building of the same name, which dates back to the 17th century. The hotel is located right next to Lake Orsa about 5 km outside the centre of Orsa. Mora is about a 30-minute drive away.

Bäcka Herrgård has 10 hotel rooms in a number of different variants, from standard double rooms to suites. All rooms are equipped with a TV with cable channels and free Wi-Fi. The rooms are individually decorated, some in a classic hotel style and others in a modern Scandinavian style. Suites have private saunas.

The hotel’s restaurant serves classic Dalarna dishes made from locally produced ingredients. Wine and chocolate tasting can be organised by the restaurant. All guests have access to a sauna and a barbecue area.

Fryksås Hotel

The three-star Fryksås Hotell is a small hotel located in the village of Fryksås just over a mile from the centre of Orsa. By car, the journey between Orsa and Fryksås takes about 20 minutes. Orsa Grönklitt wilderness park and ski centre is about 10 minutes by car. Fryksås Hotell has 19 double rooms.

All rooms have private bathrooms and are individually decorated in a modern Scandinavian style. TV with cable channels and Wi-Fi are standard in all rooms. The hotel’s restaurant is of the highest calibre. It serves both classic Swedish cuisine and gourmet dishes.

The hotel also has a small spa with a hot tub, sauna and the possibility to book a massage. In summer, the hotel’s beautiful garden and terrace are open for activities.

Orsa Grönklitt Hostel

Orsa Grönklitt Hostel is located right by the centre lift in Grönklitt. Orsa Björnpark is about 200 metres away. The same distance is to the centre of Grönklitt village. It is about a 25-minute drive to Orsa village.

Orsa Grönklitt Hostel has 16 rooms in the form of simple twin rooms. Each room has its own bathroom but the shower facilities are shared. Facilities at the hostel include a fully equipped communal kitchen and a living room/lounge with TV and newspapers. The hostel does not have a restaurant, but the nearest supermarket is just a few minutes’ walk away in Grönklitt village. There is a small dining room in the shared kitchen.

Orsa camping

Orsa Holiday Village offers affordable accommodation in a beautiful location right on the shores of Lake Orsa. It is about a 10-minute walk to the centre of Orsa. Orsa Grönklitt with its wilderness park and ski centre is about 15 km away. Orsa Semesterby offers cottages with bedrooms for at least four people, bathrooms with showers, combined living/dining rooms and kitchenettes.

All cottages are equipped with a TV with cable channels. There is no restaurant in Orsa Holiday Village, but there are a number of restaurants and supermarkets just a 10-minute walk away. In winter, cross-country skiing is possible in the surrounding area. In summer you can swim in the private outdoor pool, rent a bicycle or borrow a rowing boat for excursions on the lake.

Villa Lowar

Villa Lowar is an eight-bedroom villa located about 3 km outside Orsa with Lake Orsa about 1 km away. The larger town of Mora is at a distance of about 15 km. The villa has all possible amenities and is ideal for larger groups, for example during the Vasaloppet. Villa Lowar has room for 24 residents.

In addition to eight bedrooms, there is a fully equipped kitchen, three bathrooms (all with showers), two living rooms with cable TV and a sauna. In summer, two terraces overlooking the large garden are open. The garden includes a four-hole golf course, a volleyball court and a playground.

Read more about Orsa

Orsa is a small municipality and urban centre north of Lake Siljan in Dalarna. The name of the town comes from the Ore River, which flows down through the town to Lake Orsa south and southwest of the centre of Orsa. Mora is located about 15 km south of Orsa. The town is very small. There are only about 5300 inhabitants in the urban centre (about 7000 in the municipality). The main destination is the Orsa Bear Park with Polar World.

Communications to and from Orsa are actually quite good. The E45 motorway passes through Orsa, and in the summer it is sometimes possible to take the Inlandsbanan train to and from the town.

Orsa has a long history. The site of today’s Orsa was actually populated as early as the Stone Age. The settlements came about mainly because of the rich supply of hunting. In fact, many ancient trapping pits still exist today in the forests around Orsa.

Sights and history

Orsa offers fantastic nature and many impressive sights. Due to the size of the town, the entertainment offer is not very extensive, but you still have plenty of opportunities to go out for a good meal and a drink, not least in the hotels in the town.

Among the sights, the grinding stone quarries, Orsa church and the Iron Age graves are by far the most important. Otherwise, the entire Orsa Finnmark, with its so-called savings forest, can be considered an attraction. Here you can experience completely untouched lands that are perfect for hiking, for example.

Orsa Bear Park and Polar World

Orsa Björnpark is one of the most popular destinations in Dalarna. High up in the mountains overlooking both Lake Orsa and Lake Siljan, you’ll find the largest bear park in Europe. But there are not only bears here. You can also experience other Swedish predators, such as lynx, wolves and wolverines, in their natural habitats. Polar World is part of the bear park. It houses two polar bears in the world’s largest polar bear facility. Orsa Bear Park is open all year round.

The history of Orsa

Village formation started in the early 13th century, when the first parts of Orsa church began to be built. At the same time, the town began to attract attention because of the villagers’ ability to tame falcons. Word of the villagers’ skill spread all the way to the Pope in Rome. Interestingly, the first time Orsa is mentioned in writing is in a letter from the Pope himself, in which a request is made to order hunting falcons.

Poor village of Orsa

During the Middle Ages and well into more modern times, Orsa was a very poor village. Situated in a remote area and in a clearly sparsely populated area, it was difficult to create the conditions for successful industries. At the same time, for many years the Crown was very keen to tax the farmers and craftsmen in the area.

In the 18th century, grinding stone began to be mined in Kallmora, just outside the site of today’s Orsa. The quarrying was a success and provided quite a good income. The downside, however, was that life as a miner was miserable and most of those who worked in the mine died at a very young age.

The Inland Railway brought prosperity

The town was still poor well into the 19th century and many people from Orsa sought their fortune in America. However, those who stayed behind benefited greatly from the growth of the Inland Railway. In fact, for a few decades at the end of the 19th century, Orsa was one of the richest towns in Europe. Orsa is a beautiful part of Dalarna.

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