Things To Do in Fryksås Fäbodar Orsa

When you find yourself in Dalarna and want to see and experience really old fine farmhouses, Fryksås farmhouse is one of the places where you should definitely make a visit. The farm is located 503 meters above sea level and you have a magical view of the beautiful landscape here.

Fryksås fäbod – Something out of the ordinary

The popular hiking trail, Siljansleden, runs here and it extends about 34 miles through the landscape. Fäbodarna here dates back to the 16th century. It is the oldest registered sheepfold. Here you see things to do in Orsa, which is 13 kilometers from Fryksås fäbodar.

Farmhouses in Fryksås Orsa

Fäbod i Orsa located up here on the mountain above Orsa in Fryksås is really a collection of cultural history. I personally love fäbodar, (yes, I own one myself) and enjoy the old buildings and the wonderful environment up here. It wasn’t always so, but with age comes new interests. Here you are fascinated by the old-fashioned and the genuine, which has been preserved through generations.

Dalarna is a Mecca when it comes to culture and old-fashioned things and environments. The old is so natural here in Dalarna together with the modern. This is something I think we should be proud of and enjoy.

What is a “fäbod”?

A fäbod is an old building from the time when cows, goats and other animals were brought here for summer grazing between April and September. The farmhouse is usually located together with other farmhouses, which together create a farmland embankment. The cows were allowed to graze freely on the pasture and in the forest. The milk then tastes incredibly good, as they eat so many different things in the nature around the farm.

The cows were milked twice a day and then they made milk, butter and mess butter, which they sold or ate themselves. The sheepfold was the building you lived in when you were on the sheepfold. The sheepfold usually contains a couple of 3 buildings, including a farmhouse, a barn and a storage building. Here you can read about the living farmhouses in Dalarna.

Activities at Fryksås mountain farm

There is a lot to do when you are in Fryksås among the farmhouses. You can, of course, walk around the farmhouse embankment and enjoy the old buildings, but you can also :

  • Eat good food
  • Have a coffee
  • Shop for nice souvenirs
  • Stay in a hotel
  • Photograph the magically beautiful view
  • Hike on the Siljan Trail
  • Have a conference
  • Take a trip to Orsa Predator Park
  • Go cross-country skiing
  • Go roller skiing
  • Ride a mountain bike
  • Camping in the beautiful forest around the sheepfold
  • Take a trip down to Orsa, 13 km away
  • Go downhill skiing
  • Pick berries and mushrooms
  • Hike in the nearby forests
  • Sit down and have a coffee with the view as a backdrop

Fryksås fäbodar with children

  • Eat ice cream
  • Go skiing
  • Cycling
  • Experience the environment here
  • Drinking lemonade
  • Eating buns in the grass
  • Looking at the view
  • Picking berries
  • Play among the beautiful houses

How to get here

Address: Fryksås , 794 98 Orsa. Located 13 kilometers northwest of Orsa

Fryksåsvägen from Orsa
Bus 342 from Orsa bus station
Walk from the Fryksås crossroads

Orsa fäbodar in Fryksås

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Recommending Fryksås farmhouse Orsa Dalarna

I can highly recommend a visit to the farmhouses in Fryksås and take a day to also make a visit to either Orsa, Orsa Grönklitt or Orsa Rovdjurspark. There is a lot to do in this part of Dalarna and if you want to see and experience the old Dalarna, Fryksås fäbodar is the given option! The view and environment up here beats most things! If you are traveling in the Siljan region, you will find things to do around Siljan here.

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