Things to do in Tällberg – Activities in Tällberg

What is there to do in Tällberg?

Between Leksand and Rättvik, you can experience Tällberg, a charming little community with magical views of Lake Siljan. Tällberg’s location makes it an excellent starting point if you want to continue visiting places around the Siljan area. Tällberg has to offer everything from culinary food impressions, swimming in Siljan, cafés with home-baked goods, good coffee, hotel and cottage rentals and small picturesque shops.

There is a widespread interest in crafts, music and art as well as the genuine Dalarna. Things to do in Tällberg:

Tällberg to do

Tällberg is the epitome of how beautiful Dalarna can be. It is picturesque with all the facilities at the same time. A bit like Dalarna is. Old and new are mixed and fit side by side here and it is really something many people like. Pearls in and around Tällberg are:

  • The viewpoint at the kurbits painted telephone booth.
  • The crazy beautiful older red-painted small houses and farms.
  • The lovely bathing area down by Siljan.
  • The winding and beautiful tourist road between Rättvik and Leksan
  • Laknäs – Located near Tällberg. Swim at the nice steamboat pier
  • Hjortnäs pier – Classic dance venue
  • Proximity to Leksand Summerland
  • Proximity to Rättvik – One of Dalarna’s best summer towns
  • Farm café with good coffee
  • Guest house
  • A hotel
  • Good restaurants
  • Culture in cubic meters
  • The glorious Dalalugnet
  • Digerberget tällberg

Tällberg activities and attractions

You can see above that there are plenty of gems in and around Tällberg. Here you can really enjoy good food, beautiful views, fine hotels, culture, shopping and other things that belong to Dalarna all year round. There are a lot of “Tällberg to do” things. Clearly worth a visit!

Attractions in Tällberg

Tällberg is the small village with great appeal and personality. The hotels and inns in the village are all booked many guest nights per year. Major events often take place here and international card tournaments have been played and summits on climate and environment have been held in this beautiful little village. I myself love Tällberg and have been here both by car and by motorcycle.

The view is to die for. Take a selfie at the famous kurbits painted phone booth or sit down on the benches at the small stop on the hill and just enjoy the beautiful view of Dalarna’s largest lake Siljan. If you want picturesque Dala environment with proximity to culture, good food, fine hotels and wonderfully beautiful views, then Tällberg is the right place to be.

Crafts, cafés and attractions

Tällberg village is a small but charming community with many small coffee houses, small picturesque shops offering crafts, ceramics, blacksmithing, glass, gifts and souvenirs. Tällberg also provides a good selection of spa hotels and cabin rentals. Or why not choose to stroll along the shores of Lake Siljan, perhaps following a hiking/cycling trail. Walk through magical forests, nature reserves and hay meadows. Take the trail that takes you up to Digerberget, where an absolutely magical view awaits you, in addition to Siljan, where barbecue facilities are also available.

Coffee houses in Tällberg

Dalmål café & crafts

In the middle of Tällberg is Dalmål café & crafts with miles of magical views beyond Siljan. In 1937, Tällbergs hemslöjd was established with a focus on textile crafts, which now has a much larger range of different craft genres. The craft shop is located on the lower floor and on the upper floor you will find a traditional café, where waffles with flavors of both sweet and salty are very popular.

The café also offers lunches, sandwiches, local ice cream, homemade pastries and during the summer months, wood-fired pizzas are made in the garden. You can enjoy all this on the café’s large sun terrace, with views over Siljan.

Open: all year round, Address: Siljansvägen 479, Phone: 0247-50265


Hollen’s coffee house

Holens kaffestuga has a history dating back to 1935, when the café was established, and is thus the oldest café in Tällberg. The café is located at the highest position in Tällberg, with a magical and outstanding view, beyond Siljan. The aim here is to try to create an impression of an old coffee house in today’s business.

A good assortment is provided here, such as sandwiches, lunches, wheat bread, Rättviksglass, as well as the appreciated and famous waffles, which have left their mark on the coffee house, made with homemade cloudberry / strawberry jam and cream. There is a wide range of seating both inside and outside. Dogs are also welcome here.

Open: only during the summertime, Address: Holgattu 32, Phone: 076-7677800, for further information see the website:

Bagarstugans farm café

A farm café owned and operated by Katarina (Katarina’s bread and cake) and Pia (Café Länsmansgården). Here you can enjoy a tasty lunch, with a large focus on vegetarian, as well as enjoyable pastries and Danish sandwiches. All the pastries are made from scratch by themselves. They focus on supporting Swedish farmers, and therefore use locally produced and organic ingredients, which then follow the seasons. The café is located along the magical views of Lake Siljan.

Open: see instagram @bagarstugansgardscafe, or call Address: Siljansvägen 456, Phone: 070-7571745.

Shops in Tällberg

Dala Rekodeli/Katarina’s bread and cake

A farm bakery where the focus is on organic raw materials and locally produced according to the season. Bakery products are provided in a basket and freezer and are available for purchase. Payment is via swish or cash. Special orders can be made by phone.

Address: Tällbergsvägen 68, Phone: 070-3724068

Emmas Silversmide

Individual design in silver jewelry, with manufacturing in Emma’s own workshop. Open: Saturdays 12-18, Address: Tällbergsvägen 15, Phone: 0247-50402

Klockargårdens Hantverksgård

There have been craftsmen and exhibitors since 1974 at Klockargården. From time to time, there are several craftsmen at the craft farm, who are active in their craft area. Here you will find everything from clothes and jewelry, glass and ceramics, nostalgia booth and forge and rarities.

Call for opening hours. Address: Tällbergsvägen 456, Phone: 0247-50260

Knäppaskens Hemslöjd

A family business that has been established since 1989 outside Tällberg (Laknäs) in Dalarna. They manufacture and create everyday goods and baking utensils in wood, produce boxes and barrels in the sweeping technique, as well as chip baskets and jewelry. Open all year round.

Address: Siljansvägen 592, Phone: 0247-50742

Mases at Tällberg

A farm shop filled with detailed crafts, souvenirs and gifts from the local area. Here the range is as well as the price appreciated. During the summer it is also possible to rent a cottage. Open: Saturdays – Sundays and holidays 10-16, or by appointment. Address: Holgattu 34, Phone: 070-3545500, 0247-50002.


Millamollis is a shop where you can find inspiration in gardening and flowers, clothing and accessories according to the latest fashion, as well as interior design and souvenirs. With a touch of Dalarna and Swedish design. They also provide guidance on designing and creating your dream garden. Or if you need help homestyling your home for a house sale. Open all year round.

Address: Siljansvägen 461 (at the old Tällberg kiosk) Phone: 070-4673903, 0247-50300.

Tempo Tällberg

Grocery store with daily freshly baked bakery products, well-stocked range, pharmacy agent, telephone card refill, DHL, booking of sandwich cake/chark tray.

Open: Weekdays 9-19, Saturdays 9-15, Sundays 11-15.

Address: Tällbergsvägen 132, near Tällberg station. Phone: 070-2650470

Tällberg Ceramics

The pottery in Tällberg manufactures and creates, among other things, stoneware and earthenware, which is, among other things, salt-glazed stoneware, ornate pots, mugs, jugs, etc. All products are created and developed, as well as hand-painted by Tällbergs Keramik, with its unique design and character.

Open: Weekdays 10-17, Saturdays-Sundays 10-15, Address: Siljansvägen 455.

Phone: 0247-50173, 070-2545826

Dalmål café & crafts

In the center of Tällberg, you will find Dalmål kafè & hantverk, with an outstanding view over Siljan. On the ground floor there is a craft shop dating back to 1937. Here you will find a large assortment of interior details, wrought iron crafts, pottery, souvenirs and food crafts from the region.

On the upper floor there is a café with magical views over the siljan. Everything is home-baked here. You can enjoy everything from waffles to lunches and wood-fired pizzas etc.

Open all year round, Address: Siljansvägen 479, Phone: 0247-50265

The popular kurbits-painted telephone kiosk at the viewpoint in Tällberg.

Tällbergs Leva & Bo Shop

Here you will find a cozy shop that has been established for 20 years, with a range of everything from everyday goods and flowers, to interior design and jewelry. There is a mix of new and fresh as well as refurbished and recycled products. The shop also provides a café with home-baked goods, coffee and ice cream.

With opening hours Thursday – Friday 14-18, Saturday – Sunday 11-16.

Address: Sturängsgattu 6, Phone: 070-3728071, 0247-50322

Popular hotels in Tällberg

There are a large number of really good hotels and accommodations where you can rent and really enjoy the wonderful Tällberg. The most popular and best hotels are:

  • Dalecarlia Hotel and Spa
  • Åkerblad Hotel – Guesthouse and Spa
  • Soltägtgården
  • Tällbergsgårdens Hotel
  • First Hotel Klockargården
  • Things to do in Tällberg with children
  • Holens coffee house
  • Bagarstugan
  • Miniature golf
  • The swimming area
  • Swimming in the pool
  • The view from the phone booth
  • Play mini tennis outdoors
  • Playing football
  • Cycling
  • Play beach volleyball
  • Picking berries
  • Go up Digerberget mountain
  • Play billiards at the hotel
  • Things to do and attractions nearby
  • Laknäs pier
  • Tourist route Rättvik – Leksand with the road through Tällberg
  • Hjortnäs pier
  • Siljan with its lovely water
  • Rättvik – Located just a few miles away
  • Leksands Sommarland – close to Leksand
  • The bathing area in Tällberg
  • The beautiful houses and hotels in the village
  • The nature that is close by everywhere here

Activities Tällberg Dalarna

Now you know more about what you can do and experience in beautiful Tällberg. It is truly a gem in Dalarna and many people come here every year to experience the traditional and modern interwoven. The culture is kind of embedded in Dalarna and it becomes a natural meeting with the beautiful. Especially around Siljan and especially here in Tällberg.

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